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How Ganesh Ram’s CRM Startup – REroot Solutions is Providing Assistance to the Real Estate Industry

Ganesh Ram’s startup REroot Solutions is a real estate centric platform that assists in the pre-sales, sales, and post-sales activities for a company.

How many times have you struggled to find the perfect house with the ideal amenities? And even if you do, the customer satisfaction involved in the process often fails customers. Ganesh Ram, a Civil Engineer graduate and a post-graduate from Symbiosis, started REroot Solutions to cater to quality customer service in the real estate industry.

Ganesh Ram, during his conversation with TimesNext, expressed how customer satisfaction in Real Estate and Construction industry in India is too low despite holding large profit margins. Buyers spend lakhs and crores of money to buy their dream house but end up struggling to get the desired result with builders.

Building Customer Satisfaction in the Real Estate & Construction Industry

Ganesh Ram
Ganesh Ram

Having worked previously with real estate & construction companies, including the likes of Prestige, Sobha, and Mantri Developers, Ganesh Ram has worked on implementing multiple Customer Research Management and Enterprise Resource Planning solutions before starting his startup REroot Solutions LLP.

He realized that there was no Real Estate specific CRM solutions in the market with the majority of companies using generic CRM softwares, resulting in reduced efficiency. Additionally, there was also no proper way of calculating the RoI on various marketing activities that the company was spending on.

“This led us to build a product tailor-made for the real estate industry while keeping in mind automating the complete process and improving efficiency at each level,”

says Ganesh.

Check out the platform here.

One Platform for all Your Real Estate Problems

Team - REroot Solutions
Team – REroot Solutions

REroot Solutions is a real estate specific CRM management platform that has taken industry’s best practices of pre-sales, sales, post-sales, and handover management and integrated them into one platform for the real estate companies for automated home buyer management.

REroot helps to provide timely solutions helping the businesses form informed and sound decisions regarding their businesses. The startup’s lead management module integrates all third-party lead generation platforms, providing a single window for users to access the information without worrying about pilferage of leads.

REroot ensures that no leads are left idle and are kept active throughout, in the companies. The platform’s advanced ML-based algorithm creates a heat map of all the leads which they are dealing with, helping the users allocate their time wisely, which in turn assists in increasing the overall sales efficiency and conversion rates.

RoI Metrics for Marketing

REroot Solution’s RoI metrics help provide results for various marketing activities undertaken by the real estate company, assisting them in planning further marketing campaigns following the previous results.

REroot’s Sales Module

The sales module of the startup aids in managing real-time inventory and helps sales managers in their decision-making process. Under REroot’s post-sales module, the platform ensures that the home buyers are informed regarding the status of the project and the other post-sales related activities. The system also manages the unit handover, thus rendering a delightful experience for a home buyer from start to end.

Ganesh told TimesNext,

“Our idea is to improve customer service by providing a solution which is designed and developed exclusively for construction companies. With an experience of more than a decade in implementing various software solutions for major developers in India, we have handpicked the best processes in the industry and incorporated in our solution, which can enable builders to improve customer satisfaction from say 20-30% to 70-80%.”

On Challenges and Collaborations

Initially, the majority of REroot Solutions’ client base was stuck on using the orthodox methods of CRM, like Excel sheets. The users were a bit resistant towards using REroot’s entirely web-based system, which is when the startup introduced their Android and iOS apps. With the introduction of the apps, the pre-sales, sales, and CRM managers were able to track their daily activity, which increased efficiencies up to 50%.

The company, in search of providing their single leads window, has harmonized with all the top lead generators like 99Acres, Quikr, Commonfloor, Magicbricks, Housing, etc. and along with Facebook and Google campaigns and also integrated with cloud telephony providers like MCube and Exotel.

Integrating with multiple platforms has helped REroot Solutions LLP in providing end-to-end seamless solutions, helping its clients manage everything from a single dashboard.

On Milestones and Vision

REroot Solutions LLP, for its first five clients, ensured that they extracted all the required efficiency from their CRM system. Ganesh told our team that the startup worked with its five clients for over six months, making sure all the advantages and uses of the system are effectively communicated.

REroot as a system was built along with the developers. The startup’s revenues for the first year started at Rs 13.5 lakhs and increased at a 100% YoY growth rate to Rs 23 lakhs in the second year of operating.

On being asked about his vision for REroot, Ganesh said,

“Our vision is to become the most valuable CRM software for the Real Estate industry”

Check out the platform here.