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How Gunarjun Chawla is providing business process automation with his startup – VPS Techub

The idea of empowering the employees by providing automation inspired Gunarjun Chawla to work in this direction, and this gav
The idea of empowering the employees by providing automation inspired Gunarjun Chawla to work in this direction, and this gave birth to VPS Techub.

The traditional days are fading away when people used to store all the information in registers and books, and they had to maintain these records for future use. With the development of technology, people are shifting to storing data on their PCs and laptops. The end-to-end process lifecycle is changing and improving the customer experience, and it is allowing more efficient operations that can benefit the departments and the companies.

Technology can fuel the growth of a company and help in creating new jobs for people, and it is essential for the companies to re-invest in the workers and retrain them. The process of automation can handle about 45 percent if the repetitive work, and this makes time for workers to do more tasks in the company. The idea of empowering the employees by providing the organization with automation inspired Gunarjun Chawla to work in this direction, and this gave birth to VPS Techub.

Life before VPS Techub

Gunarjun Chawla is the director of VPS Techub Pvt. Ltd., and before his journey in the corporate world started, Gunarjun majored in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering from Sardar Patel Institute of Technology in Mumbai. He worked in the Risk Consulting Department with KPMG India, but the entrepreneur inside him was willing to burst out. He then worked with four more ventures where he was either the founder or director. Currently, he is completing his MBA from the Cranfield School of Management in the United Kingdom.

When the entrepreneur mode is off, he likes to read and play football or volleyball. Other interests include PowerPoint presentations and dancing. His long term goal as an entrepreneur is to serve the nation by working in the field of growth and sustainability to increase the potential and economy of the country.

What is VPS Techub?

VPS Techub team
VPS Techub team

Focused on providing business process automation, VPS Techub is a company that offers solutions for improved business working models for its clients. The products supplied by them are adaptive, cognitive, and responsive technology products that help in the need of the customer. They have provided solutions for queue management to the first aid management tool and analytics system and more.

Some new-age companies are still working in traditional ways and following the manual processes to run their business, but this increases the time to provide service to the clients and reduce the productivity of the organization. The automation processes are changing the working of companies and providing more job opportunities for people.

The hurdles in the journey

For a company that is providing digital solutions for automation, the essential requirement is to have a team of skilled developers who can work for different types of clients is a challenge for the company. Industrial Revolution 4.0 is taking place at lightning speed, and keeping up with the compatibility requirements is very important.

Collaborations for a better future and the first milestone

In conversation with TimesNext, Gunarjun talks about their partnerships with several firms by mentioning some notable firms like Dimension Events and Diziyug. According to him, working with third parties is tough, but blending two different styles always gives a positive vibe gives them an experience that comes in handy in the long run for the organization.

The first milestone for the company was when one of the largest government hospitals from Mumbai became their first client. This was a much-needed win for them as it gave the firm and employees a confidence boost to work harder and secure future clients.

The current growth of the company and it’s future

Gunarjun has worked with more than 85 interns, 10+ freelancers, 5+ agencies, and 15+ permanent employees since the company started. Such a huge team has helped him reach more than 35 clients for providing automation solutions and tools. In the past four months, they have worked with eight clients in the field of mobile development, website, progressive web application, power business intelligence, and all this has helped them collect a good amount of revenue.

The vision that Gunarjun has for the company is to be the go-to option for companies and help them digitization and assist clients in creating an atmosphere that would help them adopt the new age revolution.