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After CoronaVirus, We have HantaVirus by China – Here is all you need to know: Breaking News

There has been a casualty in China after being infected with Hantavirus. This article is about Hantavirus and what are its sy
There has been a casualty in China after being infected with Hantavirus. This article is about Hantavirus and what are its symptoms that can be found.

China reported several people being infected with Hantavirus

Even before people in China would have recovered fully from the fear of Coronavirus, there is a new virus called Hantavirus, that has found its way to China.

An agency namely ChinaGlobal Times has reported that a man coming back home from Yunan Province has been tested positive for the Hantavirus.

Note: The most shocking news is that there were 32 other passengers on that bus that have also been tested positive for the Hantavirus.

What is Hantavirus?

  • Hantavirus is a kind single-stranded RNA virus that infects rodents, but Hantavirus does not show any symptoms in rodents.
  • Humans directly can never be affected by Hantavirus.
  • Hantavirus can only be spread in humans if humans come in contact with urine, feces, and saliva of rodents.
  • Hantavirus can show symptoms in the human body and cause several kinds of diseases.

Diseases caused by Hantavirus in the human body:

Hantavirus can cause two types of damages in the human body which are as follows

  • Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome(HPS)
  • Haemorrhagic Fever with Renal Syndrome(HFRS)

Early Symptoms of Hantavirus

The initial symptoms of Hantavirus are kind of non-specific, which can include headache, fever, and fatigue. Hantavirus can also cause dizziness.

Late Stages of Hantavirus

  • If a person develops HPS after getting infected by Hantavirus, a person can experience lung congestion and shortness of breath.
  • HPS can also cause the lung capillaries to leak fluid into the lung tissue.

Can Hantavirus transmit from one person to another?

Hantavirus in the form of HPS is not contagious, while some reports suggest that HFRS can spread from one person to another, but this transmission is very rare.

Prevention of Hantavirus:

There is no vaccine that is available until now to prevent Hantavirus. The only way is to keep in check the population and contamination of rodents.

Some Frequently Asked Questions about Hantavirus:

1. How dangerous is Hantavirus?

  • Hantavirus can be fatal in some cases. Hantavirus in the form of HPS has a mortality rate of 38 percent, as reported by the CDC.
  • Hantavirus, in the form of HFRS, has a mortality rate of 1 percent.

2. Is the Hantavirus curable?

  • Hantavirus does not have any specific treatment, cure, or vaccine, according to the CDC notes.
  • Patients are put into intensive care and are given oxygen therapy to help them get through any lung problem.

3. How is Hantavirus transmitted?

  • Hantavirus in a human being is spread by coming in close contact with the saliva, urine, and droppings of rodents.
  • Hantavirus cannot be transmitted from one human being to another in most cases.

4. What are the odds of getting Hantavirus?

Any person who comes in contact with the urine, saliva, or droppings of a rodent who is carrying Hantavirus, is at risk of testing positive of Hantavirus.

5. Should people worry about Hantavirus?

People who are living at the house with a rodent infestation or people who do any activity which made them come in contact with rodents should worry about Hantavirus and take all the necessary precautions.

6. Is there are a test for Hantavirus?

There is no particular treatment or vaccine which has been found until now, for Hantavirus.

7. Is dried rodent poop dangerous?

  • A dried rodent poop, if the rodent carries Hantavirus, can also be dangerous.
  • If you want to clean the dried poop of a rodent, first disinfect that area and pick the dried poop with a paper towel.

8. Does Lysol Spray kill Hantavirus?

Disinfectant such as Lysol Spray or other chemicals which contain chlorine can help getting rid of Hantavirus if you want to clean rodent droppings or urine.