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How Haptik provides excellent Virtual assistants for businesses

What is Haptik?

Overall, the client assistance services in our nation need a ton of tidying up. Long turnaround times, perpetually holding on to address a genuine individual and helpless goal rates are a portion of the regular objections. Conversational AI is the innovation that makes that conceivable. It permits artificial intelligence (AI) advancements like chatbots to communicate with individuals in a human-like way. By overcoming any barrier among human and programming language, it makes correspondence between the two simple and regular. An organisation called Haptik hopes to turn this around by essentially being better at associating companies to their customers.

Haptik (1) works through a free application, which you can get for iOS and Android stages, and it plans to rethink client assistance. The application works like an IM (texting) application and associates you straightforwardly with a Haptik official. The official answers your inquiries, tunes in to grievances and offers help. Haptik specialists are genuine individuals who have broad information about the organisation. When you post an inquiry or objection, the specialists will hit you up with an answer in less than four minutes. You can likewise peruse through the FAQs for each organisation. This will assist you in getting to typical inquiries like help place subtleties or guarantee expiry.

Recently, Haptik constructed the world’s biggest WhatsApp chatbot for Covid-19. This was the authority helpline for the Government of India, which was used by more than 21 million clients the nation over. Haptik built the MyGov Corona Helpdesk to fight all fake news, instruct the citizens and carry a feeling of quiet to the pandemic circumstance. They developed it utilising official information shared by the Government.

Who is the founder of Haptik?

Haptik was established by Aakrit Vaish and Swapan Rajdev at a time when the term ‘chatbot’ had not become typical yet. It soon turned out in the market as a popular conversational stage. Around then, they were working in San Francisco when the versatile application industry was taking off. One of the classes of applications that they saw take off essentially was messaging. They saw individuals utilising messaging applications more than some other sort of application, and the dependence on the interface was insane. They figured that there was something there to expand on. It could become a stage to help discussions. That is the idea that led to the birth of Haptik.

The co-founders of Haptik, Swapan Rajdev and Aakrit Vaish

In the course of recent years, Haptik has strived to push the limits of existing innovation with a ‘can-do’ disposition. This devotion assisted with developing and implementing various ideas, particularly in the chatbot business. The Haptik organisation comprises trailblazers from each field and foundation. It also includes a few independent business visionaries and graduates from renowned establishments, for example, the IITs and BITs, among others. Their work culture advances a straightforward trade of thoughts. They often work with a ‘think it, assemble it, transport it, change it’ item constructing strategy. The vast majority of their tasks are open to the group inside for community-oriented investigating. This transparency makes every one of the items from Haptik greater beyond their expectations.

Haptik’s remote helper is the assistance which was dispatched in 2014 with the vision that individuals ought not to need confounded applications for every single assignment. It ought to be as simple as communicating something specific and completing things. The 24×7 individual colleague application permits clients to finish everyday errands over a couple of basic messages.

How does Haptik work?

As the quantity of clients has become throughout the long term, they scaled their item and made many improvements. The application now has the option to deal with a great many simultaneous solicitations. They are able to give a conversation that is as much the same as we can expect from human discourse. Their associate assistance presently offers everything from suggestions to flight or taxi appointments. They continually tune in to what the clients need and continue refreshing their administrations to coordinate.

For each chatbot, AI is the center of Haptik’s conversational stages. They utilise this technology to comprehend what a client is stating, have a discussion to get all the necessary data and have the option to locate the ideal answer. The various diverse AI calculations give them the possibility to satisfy each solicitation of the clients. Every last one of the chatbots from Haptik is redone to the necessities of their customer. They work without much of a stretch handle spelling blunders, literal interpretations, short-structures, grammatical mistakes, etc. These features make the bot incredibly proficient and keen.

Haptik, at present, has more than 130 public brands across 11 unique classifications. Haptik fabricates Conversational AI that has the ability to convey ROI. Its Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA) stage empowers brands to improve client experience while lessening costs and expanding deals. A dominant part of their customers right now has a place with the BFSI and FMCG businesses. A portion of their customers incorporates Edelweiss, ICICI, and HDFC Life in the BFSI part, Coca Cola in the FMCG division, Dr Batra and Lal Pathlabs in the clinical area, Housejoy in Home Services, TOI, Uber, and PhonePe among others.

Awards and Recognitions

As of late, Haptik has manufactured a bot for AkanchaAgainstHarassment that supports survivors of digital badgering. In 2017, Haptik won the AWS Mobility Awards in the “Profound Tech in Mobility” class. It became a top worldwide pioneer at the Chatbot Summit 2017 in Berlin. In 2018, Haptik dominated NASSCOM’s Al Game Changer Award for its Al-fueled pre-prepared bot packaged into an SDK. The organisation got the Frost and Sullivan’s Indian Artificial Intelligence Conversational Platform Technology Innovation Leadership Award, 2018.

Moreover, the fellow benefactor of the organisation and CTO, Swapan Rajdev, was chosen as India’s Top 10 Innovators Under 35 by Mint and MIT Technology Review. Haptik likewise won the ‘man-made intelligence for Good Award’ for the year 2018 at the fourth Annual Canadian Fintech and AI grants, and the AI Time Journal’s Top 25 AI organisations of 2018.

In 2019, Haptik Received the Global – CogX Innovation Award 2019 for Best Innovation in Chatbots and got the Frost and Sullivan India ICT 2019 honour for ‘Chatbot stage seller of the year’. Also, Haptik won the Global – Best Conversational AI Platform of the Year 2019: Corporate Excellence Awards by CV Magazine. The co-founder of the organisation, Aakrit Vaish, made it into the 35 Under 35 of Entrepreneur (magazine). Alongside that Haptik was named a victor in the Best Conversational AI Platform classification of the Artificial Intelligence Awards 2019. Also, in 2020, the organisation Won Global Business Excellence Award for Outstanding Product – Conversational Commerce.