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Hippo Video Secures 4.5 Million USD in its Series A Round

Hippo Video
Karthi Mariappan, Founder and CEO of Hippo Video

Hippo Video (1), headquartered in the US and an office in Chennai, has secured 4.5 million USD in its Series A funding round. Falcon Edge Capital led the cloud-based video CX platform’s latest fund round. It is an alternative asset manager across the globe, backed by ADQ. Falcon is also among the largest regional holding companies from Abu Dhabi and Exfinity Venture Partners.

The Founder and CEO of Hippo Video, Karthi Mariappan, stated that video communication in communication and social media is now increasing. The startup is looking to capitalize on video as its key influencer and trust driver. He added that his sales teams could increase their productivity three times more via personalized videos.

Hippo Video Provides Solutions for Personalised Videos

The ex-Zoho team founded Hippo Video in 2016. It offers creation, delivery, and measurement solutions for personalized videos. It also provides several technological innovations, including pro-editing, flies in-video personalization, smart webcam and recorder, video landing pages, enterprise-grade security, and extensive analytics and reporting.

As per the startup, robust ROI metrics, customers’ email response rates grew by three times. The quality lead generation jumps up to 66%, and two times increase in sales velocity.

The Co-founder and Partner of Falcom Edge Capital, Navroz Udwadia, stated that the team is excited to back the outstanding team of Hippo Video. He added that they bring their extensive experience to build and scale SaaS products across the globe with their expertise at domain Zoho.

The firm is continually demonstrating strong organic traction, ACV growth, and customer retention. Furthermore, Hippo Video has colossal customer feedback on its products suite.

It will also expand its presence in Abu Dhabi and use it as a strong base for its international expansion. The startup is also focusing on GCC, MENA, and other global markets. The firm is likely to build a team of product managers, engineers, and data scientists in Abu Dhabi.

Hippo Video claimed that it has a demonstration of year-on-year 4x+ revenue growth. It also has more than 100% net dollar retention, 4xLTV/CAC with product-market fit signs. The organization aims to put its video on the CX platform where it is in every business’s hands, from SMBs to enterprises.