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Hole Punch history – A tool from 1886

It gets speculated that the hole punch was first used in Germany via Matthias Theel, the first patent had got filed by Freidr
It gets speculated that the hole punch was first used in Germany via Matthias Theel, the first patent had got filed by Freidrich Soennecken in 1886.

Article Index:

1. Introduction

2. What is a Hole Punch?

3. What are the uses of Hole Punch?

4. Hole Punch History

5. Conclusion

1. Introduction:

It has been a century since the formation of the most creative tool, the hole punch, but still, you can find its usage in most of the schools, offices, and colleges. This simple organizational tool has become the most efficient, ergonomic, and elegant tool for keeping all your stray documents in check.

Today the hole punch is the necessary part of the life fo everyone almost every day. Though people always come up with more assumptions regarding its future due to digital dominance in the modern world now, we cannot ignore the fact that the hole punch was one of the most creative inventions which happened in the 18th century.

Hole punch, which has become the most necessary tool for everyone in day-to-day life, this ergonomic tool got its existence nearly 134 years ago.

2. What is a Hole Punch?

A hole punch is a mechanical tool that gets used to create small to medium diameters of holes in the corners of a sheet of paper. It gets done in this fashion only to store or collect all these sheets of paper in a binder or file folder. There are different types of holes punches, namely the leather punch, paper punch, sheet metal punch, plastic punch, and many more.

3. What are the uses of Hole Punch?

All these hole punches work under the basic principle of physics, which is the force principle. Yes, when these hole punches get pressed by force, they result in leaving a small or medium-sized hole on the subject, which can be paper or leather.

To use this hole punch, at first, you have to line a pair of papers into it. One article has to get set on the opposite side where the writing gets inserted and the other essay on the adjacent side of the hole punch. Hole punches also come in various sizes, and usually, the hole punches used in different industries come in an extended format.

Another way through which the hole punches can get used is by lowering them into the paper by using hollowed drills. This mechanism gets done utilizing a screwing action. Today it is only because of the invention of hole punch most of the ergonomic works can get done in industrial volumes of paper with just a little effort.

As discussed above, there are different types of hole punches that can get categorized as a single hole punch and multiple hole punch.

4. Hole Punch History:

Now coming to origins of the hole punch, it gets speculated that the hole punch as a device was first used in Germany via Matthias Theel, as two patents have got registered on this device by the name ‘Punch Holes in the Paper.’ The first patent had got filed by a Mechanical Engineer by name Friedrich Soennecken on November 14th, 1886.

The first recorded paper on the hole punch got published in October 1885 by a person named Benjamin Smith. Benjamin Smith was the same person who created the spring-loaded hole puncher. The spring-loaded hole puncher was the device similar to the hole punches we use today but had a particular receptacle for the little clips coming out of the paper.

The same hole punch got refined into a new form by Charles Brooks and renamed it as ticket punch. Ticket punches became very popular in that era as it got used in every train to collect or punch tickets of passengers.

Nowadays, people have resorted mostly to the online industry, and it seems the end is nearing for one of the most creative and ergonomic tools invented in this industry.

To celebrate the 131st anniversary of this ergonomic tool, Google came up with a special Google Doodle for rewarding this creative tool. Though the proof of such anniversary is still under dispute, the doodle consisted of a bizarrely romantic description of people in motion, preferably office workers who were repeatedly working methodically to avoid paper cuts on their hands.


After its invention, the hole punch has become very popular, and the hole punch history is a piece of valid evidence for it. Hole punch history shows that it had its share of uses right from school children, college-goers, and office colleagues. Its applications were widespread among almost everyone.

But today, due to the advent of the smartphone era and increased usage of gadgets and smartphones among the people, the uses of hole punches are getting irrelevant, and the day is near when these tools will not get used anymore around us.