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Hollywood: Web Series Review – This Netflix Creation by Ryan Murphy is Talk of the Week

We all know Ryan Murphy as the godfather of all TV who is back with another Netflix bang, aka Hollywood. Here is everything y
We all know Ryan Murphy as the godfather of all TV who is back with another Netflix bang, aka Hollywood. Here is everything you want to know.

Hollywood is the latest creation of Ryan Murphy (1), who gave us American Crime Story, Glee, Pose, The Politician, and many more. Ryan Murphy is so good at what he does; in the past years, he has bagged six Emmys. We can’t contain our excitement as soon as we saw the trailer of Hollywood Netflix. Our below article has covered everything you need to know about the latest series.

Hollywood Netflix Trailer

In the trailer of Hollywood, we see a screenwriter named Archie Coleman, who is played by Jeremy Pope. Archie announces that he wants to take the story of Hollywood and rewrite it. It shows us a glimpse of the lives of aspiring actors and how they are trying desperately to get a big break in Hollywood. Hollywood Netflix is the creation of Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan. Its main cast includes Laura Harrier, David Cornswet, and Darren Criss.

Why We Loved Hollywood?


Well, the show ‘Hollywood‘ takes place us to 1940, the era post World War II which is also Hollywood’s Golden Age. Ryan Murphy’s creations never fail to impress us, and what more we could say about this retro story on Hollywood. It got everything covered from sharp suits, fedoras, glamorous but mysterious-looking women. The show has a certain visual appeal that won’t fail to keep you attentive.

Another thing which makes this series more spectacular is how it is showing the sufferings and successes of younger versions of movie stars, which we now consider as iconic. Hollywood has both real and fictional characters. The show is presenting how enchanting it would be, a fairytale that shows us what Hollywood could be, if only. It talks about genially rewriting the history of Hollywood while also correcting some of the significant blemishes and biases that happened in the overwhelming Hollywood.

Further, we give this series a considerable score for including everyone in Hollywood Netflix. They got women, LGBT, Africans, Asians, and various other older performers. Even with such diverse cast, the show still manages to keep your attention and also makes you root for each character over its all seven episodes. We could all agree it is something quite hard to achieve.

The Impressive Story of the Retro Series

Jack Castello
Jack Castello – Hollywood

Hollywood Netflix series starts with young and fresh Jack Castello, who is played by David Corenswet. He is hanging outside the Ace Studio so he could get a small part in which he took the extra work to keep a house burning. David fought for the country but is currently unemployed. He also has a wife and family in the way. He is keen to become an actor because of his good looks and passion for movies.

Jack, however, fails to get any big break in Hollywood and doesn’t get past the gates of studios. Since no money is coming on his way, he is reluctant to get an unusual work offer from Ernie, a character played by Dillon McDermott. The job requires him to work at gas station upfront while being an Escort to some of the affluent Hollywood clients behind the curtains. Later, this dubious job gets him to places where he wants to reach. Things took unexpected turns but in a beneficial way when Jack gets to meet a casting director. He eventually gets to set foot in Ace Studios – a booming ground of Hollywood.

Camille - Hollywood Netflix
Camille – Hollywood Netflix

However, the story is not all about Jack. There are other characters as well in Hollywood who have their dreams and passion. It includes a young half Asian director called Raymond Ainsley, player by Darren Criss. The story also introduces an African-American Actress Camille, played by Laura Harrier and a Chinese-American actress Anna May Wong, played by Michelle Krusiec. And we can forget Rock Hudson, played by Jake Picking, a semi-fictional struggling actor and an African-American LGPT screenwriter Archie Coleman, played by Jeremy Pope. Each character in the story is trying to find glory in the world of Hollywood.

How does the Story of Hollywood Progress?

hollywood nettflix

Let’s talk about how the pieces of these puzzles fall into places, and our characters’ lives come together. They are all bound with the movie ‘Peg’ based on the life of the real-life actress Peg Entwistle. The actress jumped from the ‘H’ of the iconic Hollywood sign to her death. Our characters, in their circumstances, are trying to make a defining career in Hollywood.

netflix hollywood

Young and debutant director Raymond Ainsely picks up Archies’ script for Peg as the next Ace Productions project. However, as the movie progress, the duo, along with Raymond’s girlfriend Clare, comes up with their re-imagination. They decide to make the lead character an African-American and cast Clare. The story later progresses with how they make the movie, now retitled as Meg, which becomes the main engine for the rest of the episodes of the series.

The Major Difference


Hollywood shows us the mixture of real characters like the struggles of Rock Hudson with his career, sexuality. It shows us Vivien Leigh’s obsessive compulsions and depicts various slimy infamous Hollywood agents like Henry Wilson, a character played by Jim Parsons.

hollywood netflix

Netflix, Hollywood doesn’t fail to conjure some of the old learnings and legends of Hollywood. The thing that makes the show different is at the end; it doesn’t sting us with various inclinations which were prevalent at the time. For instance, Hollywood Netflix is coming strong with the LGBT community, along with racial and ethnic stereotyping.

The Final Verdict

netflix hollywood

In the end, all the plots and subplots of Hollywood Netflix fall evenly. Some may argue that it is quite smooth and straightforward without any villain. We also get standard Hollywood bits like casting couches, affairs, intemperance, decadence, around which the writers work quite well. We could say that the show truly gives the ending it promises in its title, ‘Hollywood.’