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How Nirav Patel started his IT consulting startup – NXC Controls

Nirav Patel worked hard to and gained enough exposure in the field of Information and Technology to start his IT consulting c

The startup wave is taking over our country as more and more people are moving in the direction of providing quality services at a competitive price. With the introduction of new technology, many startups have introduced themselves in the country, and they all are working in the direction of making the technological world a better place for the users.

The startups from today are focused on developing quality products for their customers and make a name for themselves in the market. Another reason why people prefer startups is that they wish to start their own company and want to be the boss of themselves. Working in the entrepreneur world teaches you a lot of things, and the experience you gain from that is different. One such person who decided to be his boss is Nirav Patel.

Born and brought up in a family that is full of experts in the electrical and electronics field, Nirav had a knack for the latest electronics and embedded technologies from a very young age. His love for creating new things, something innovative, something that would help people to finish their tasks at minimum effort with the highest accuracy and at affordable prices. His love for electronics and technology lead to the beginning of NXC Controls in 2014.

The Journey to NXC Controls

Nirav Patel (Middle)

Born in 1991 in a small village of Gujrat called Anand, Nirav and his parents soon moved to Ahmedabad when he was young to provide him with a better education. The entrepreneurial skills run in the blood as his father decided to launch an electronic control panel manufacturing unit in 1996 in Ahmedabad. This provided him with the basics of the business as well as every new technology ended up being a toy for him and helped him in understanding the knowledge of electronics.

Nirav completed his higher education from Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board (GSEB) in 2009. After high school, he was sure about his higher education and decided to go for a Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Communication in Gujrat Technological University (GTU). After getting good exposure from the college, his love for new technology and introducing it in the education system lead him to join many private institutes to gain knowledge. He went deeper and deeper in the field and finally decided to drop out of college and start his own company, which is NXC Controls.

What is NXC Controls?

NXC Controls Office
NXC Controls Office (1)

It launched as an IT consulting company providing IT services to clients across the globe. The company works for their clients and enhance their trade success with the help of their services. With Shree Ashapuri Electrical Works (SAEW) as its parent company, NXC Controls is on a path to make their projects successful by learning new technology as they team up and inspire young talents across the nation.

NXC Controls Office (2)
NXC Controls Office (2)

Working in fields like mobile application development, e-commerce, software development, web designing and development, embedded design, security system, AI ChatBot, and Search Engine Optimization. With so many services and a range of products like sales force management, IoT based projects, Electric Vehicle Charger, Industrial Automation solutions, NXC is in the market for a long race, and they wish to transform the world of IT technology.

Collaborations by NXC Controls

In conversation with TimesNext, Nirav tells us that they have had several collaborations in the past, and currently, he is associated with few firms as well. He is working as the technical head in Brandex Media Network Pvt. Ltd., which provides digital marketing solutions to telefilm and Bollywood industries. Nirav is also an IT Director in Tirex Charging Infra Pvt. Ltd., a firm that is working in the development of most awaited tech of the decade, the charging technology for electric vehicles in automobile industries.

The first milestone for the firm

With a great line-up of several products like industrial automation, software development, PLC/SCADA, and IoT solutions, the most successful product for the firm are their Sales Force Management Software.

The first milestone for them is when they worked with VINI Cosmetics, the group that manufactures FOGG body spray, White Tone powder, Glam Up, and many other products. They developed an ERP solution for the company so that they could manage their sales team on a single desktop. The system allows them to simplify their distributor chain order system, provider DSR/ DBR/ MSR reports in a single click. POS system for a sales executive, GPS tracking, Beat route planning, etc.

The current growth of the company

A company that started in November 2014 with just two members in the team, NXC Controls Pvt. Ltd., has grown in the past few years as they recently incorporated more than 15 members in the team. With a hit rate of 100+ SMEs and more than 2500 active users of their software, the company has seen steady growth.

Working with many FMCG companies like VINI Cosmetics, Sheetal Ice Cream, Patel Perfume, Rajani Group, etc. in Gujrat, NXC is expanding their market with their services and products. Recently, they got an order for OCPP Server with Mobile App and CMS from Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited. The system will be used to monitor and control Electric Vehicle charging stations in Maharashtra in the next five years.

Vision for NXC Controls

They wish to enable SMEs with the latest tech solutions and fast track the production process at an affordable price. This would help companies to reduce their operational and production costs with their automation solutions.