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How Sharat Bhandari’s startup – Planmeal helps you to stay fit

Sharat Bhandari and his wife, Sunita Bhandari, came up with this idea to address the problem of unhealthy eating among people
Sharat Bhandari and his wife, Sunita Bhandari, came up with this idea to address the problem of unhealthy eating among people with the help of Planmeal.

The Founder

Planmeal Founder - Sharat Bhandari (1)
Planmeal Founder – Sharat Bhandari

Sharat and Sunita Bhandari, a couple from the city of Lakes, Udaipur founded Planmeal. Sharat is a computer professional who worked in Hospitality, Manufacturing, as well as Travel Industry. Sunita holds a B.Ed degree in English Literature.

Planmeal – What’s it about?

Planmeal - Website Screenshot
Planmeal – Website Screenshot

The eating habits of today’s generation are incredibly unhealthy. They gulp as much the junk as they can. Such poor eating habits further leads to low immunity. Thus, it demands a population-based, multisectoral, multi-disciplinary approach, and by planning your meals, based on your dietary specifications and requirements, Planmeal is the solution.

People at Planmeal, address the unhealthy eating habits and poor nutrition of the people and provide a meal plan, tailored to suit their health requirements.

It helps people to create an automated personalized meal plan based on their food preferences (Including health/ allergies) nutritional needs, and most importantly, budget and schedule.

In simplified words, Planmeal tells people, What should they eat? How much should they eat? And when should they eat? All this based on just four primary classifications:

  • Gender
  • Height
  • Date Of Birth
  • Weight

Planmeal does complete justice to its name.

Check out Planmeal’s company profile on –

Founder’s Vision

Planmeal Founder - Sharat Bhandari

Planmeal aims to create a society that superintends and embraces health and wellness. They aim to make meal planning, simple and convenient for an average person, and bring a holistic lifestyle change.

They sincerely believe that

“Health is the first and foremost priority.”

Carrying forward the legacy of Indian traditional tasty and nutritious food, Planmeal wants to revolutionize and create a society that superintends and embraces health and haleness.

Idea and Inspiration behind Planmeal!

Mr. and Mrs. Bhandari decided to create Planmeal when they failed to maintain a proper diet and always end up munching on the junk. They thought that a mobile application would be a perfect idea to take away the stress while ordering.

Their thought got validation when they had to make the food arrangements for their niece’s wedding.

And finally, the journey started while addressing the question of why can’t be there a native portal/ app which plans meals for you, be it at home or for an event.

Challenges it faced on the outset!


Planmeal attempts to bring in a lifestyle change and a revolution with its service of Meal Planning. This planning adopts a highly flexible approach and designs a meal plan customized to suit your nutrition requirements.

They wanted to build a brand out of Planmeal. But the only problem they faced was of finding the right team. People nowadays get to listen to only three-four food apps.

Hence, it was a challenging task for them to find like-minded people.

Planmeal Collaborations and Partnerships!

Most of the startups in India don’t receive proper support from top-notch companies. The same is the case with Planmeal. They tried to make ties with some of the Digital Marketing companies/ IT Companies, but all in vain. They have not lost hopes, and are seeking the best of their abilities to make this startup a success.

Planmeal’s first milestone and Current Growth Status!


The first and foremost Milestone of Planmeal was a prototype design. This design was achieved after a failure.

As of now, they are approaching their second milestone, generation of basic meal plan by the user. Soon they are launching their first beta release, wherein users will be able to create their meal plan and grocery list accordingly.

The application has not gone live yet and the team targets it to go live somewhere end of this year. Earlier, they were to be live by July 2020. But looking at the coronavirus pandemic conditions around the world, they are making some changes in their application which is time-consuming.