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How to get a job in Google? [India] [in 2020]

Here, in this article, we've described how to get a job in Google along with the eligibility criteria, type of employment, an
Here, in this article, we’ve described how to get a job in Google along with the eligibility criteria, type of employment, and the procedure of selection followed by Google.

Google is the leading search engine tool that has been serving us since 1998. It has dominated the search engine market and maintains an 87.96% market share as of October 2019. (1) The American multinational technology firm specializes in internet-related services and products and is considered to be one of the Big Four (2) technology companies, along with Amazon (3), Apple (4), & Facebook (5).

How to get a job in Google

The tech giant currently employs over 98,771 employees and is seen as a dream company for the majority of the job seekers. Along with the innovative space provided by Google, the employees enjoy a set of a perk for working on Google premises, including free onsite gym services, massage therapists, onsite medical staff, death benefits, paternity/maternity leaves, and more.

All these benefits, in addition to the high pay, set a gold standard for offices. In this article, we’ll be discussing the one question that leaves many confused – how to get job in google.

How to get Job in Google

Here we’ll answer the question that has left you confused on different levels. Let’s talk about the different types of job available at Google, the basic eligibility criteria, and more.

Types of Jobs at Google

Google, being the largest search engine platform, provides jobs to people hailing from different backgrounds.

The variety of jobs available at Google are:

  • Software & Development
  • Engineering
  • Business
  • Design
  • Customer Service
  • HR, and more

Being a large company, Google requires talents from a lot of backgrounds to work for them.

Eligibility Criteria for Job in Google

how to get a job in Google

Google is known for the unique hiring techniques it uses to hire candidates for a particular job posting. The eligibility criteria focus less on the candidate’s academic record and more towards the qualities in the candidate.

  • A candidate is required to hold a bachelor’s degree in the job field or equally relevant experience.

How to get a Job in Google – Procedure

Step 1. Apply

Applying for a job at Google works on multiple levels. While there are ways of getting recruited by the firm directly through referrals, the other way includes climbing your way up by applying according to the jobs posted. You can apply for Google jobs by:

1. Online

Google’s Google Careers page keeps posting the job posting available in the different areas on this page. Keep a check on this page to gain insights of the Goole hiring process. You can also search for jobs at Google by setting your preferences like location, experience, skills, etc.

You can visit the Google Career site by clicking here.

2. Networking & Employee Referrals

If you have a college mate or a friend who works for Google, you can ask him to refer you in case a job posting opens up. Word of mouth serves as legit proof of fast-tracking your application process via your networks.

3. Campus Placements

Google offers campus placements in some of the most prestigious institutes of India and abroad. Some of the famous campus placement sites are Stanford University (6), San Diego State University (7), San Jose State University (8), IITs (9), IIMs (10), etc.

Note: Google hires its employees from the top 100 universities in the US alone. (11)

4. Off-Campus Placements

Google India also hires candidates by organizing off-campus placement drives where a candidate is required to pass the written test, indulge in group discussion, attend a technical interview as well as an HR interview.

5. APAC Test

Google organizes three competitions annually called Code Jam, Kick Start, and Hash Code. The Kick Start coding contest allows programmers in the Asia Pacific Region (APAC Region) annually. The top coders can get an opportunity to get an interview for a technical job at Google.

Step 2. Interview

It takes typically six weeks for Google to process an application. If your resume & application interest the HR, they’ll move ahead with the further interview process.

Note: Kindly note that Google receives over a million applications each year, out of which hardly 5,000 people are selected.

1. Phone/Hangout Interview

The phone or Google Hangout interview will determine the basic knowledge you hold in the field. It will serve as a question and answer round where an individual’s capabilities for the firm test.

For technical jobs, the candidate will be asked to write a 20-30 lines code structure on the spot while being on the phone at the same time.

On the basis of the code, you’ll be asked:
  • Open-ended questions. If you’re confused, feel free to ask clarifying questions, & devise requirements.
  • To explain it in an algorithm.
  • To convert it to workable code.
  • To optimize the code, follow it with test cases and find if any bugs are there.

Note: A telephonic/Hangout interview lasts for 30 to 45 minutes, where your role-related knowledge is tested.

2. Onsite Interviews

Once you clarify the telephonic/Hangout interview, you’ll be asked to come forth for an onsite interview at the Google office. All the expenses related to the interview process is taken care of by Google itself.

You’ll be meeting four Google members, including potential teammates & more for 30-45 minutes each.

A candidate needs to prove:
  • His general cognitive ability
  • His leadership skills and examples justifying the same
  • His role-related knowledge
  • Other factors that make him fit into the work environment like ambiguity, enthusiasm, networking skills, etc.

Google provides the coders with their laptops for the interview process that assists in simplifying their coding preferences with regards to language as well as their ability to code.

Overall, the workspace at Google is considered to be one of the best working environment for employees, and landing up a job in Google is not less than a dream come true. Hope we were able to provide you with the right answer to your question ‘how to get a job in Google‘, and it helps you take your first step towards a better future.