How to make money on the TikTok app?

Can you make money with TikTok? TikTok is not like YouTube and is not built solely for monetary purposes. But still, by engraving some methods, you can earn money by using TikTok in the right manner.

What is TikTok?

TikTok, known as before, is a video sharing app which has been enormously popular since its release in 2017. It got released for both Android and iOS platforms. Since its release, TikTok has become the leading destination for many for searching short-duration mobile videos.

This app helps the particular person in creating something new, or something unique, bringing out the creative in him. The sole motive of this app is to enable people to quickly and easily upload their short videos using their mobile phones. This attribute allows for everyone to be a media creator. 

If recent statistics and reports get considered, then TikTok has more than 500 million active users monthly. This feature has made it the topmost and leading contender app in the video creation world. 

Moving on with our article, as with all things which grow enormously on the Internet, there lies a fundamental question with them. Can you make money with it? A related subject can be asked in terms of using TikTok also. But can you make money with TikTok? TikTok is not like YouTube and is not built solely for monetary purposes. But still, by engraving some methods, you can earn money by using TikTok in the right manner. 

This attribute is because the app is very commercial friendly and lets its users earn money from it by creatively using the platform. But there is one thing which everyone has to know, that is TikTok does not allow sharing the advertisement revenues with the video creators. But still, there are chances that shortly even this app will start following the YouTube-like approach. In the YouTube-like approach video creators who become successful and famous directly earn revenue from the videos they upload.

So, in this article, we will analyze some of the creative methods through which one can earn money from using TikTok. But one thing you guys have to note is that you do not get rich within a month just by using TikTok. It will surely take a more extended amount of time and what you have to do is wait with patience. You will earn money from TikTok, which is necessary for a good living but not to the level of owning a luxurious villa in some islands. 

Here we will discuss some of the methods which are as per rules and regulations of TikTok and make money through it. Earning money from TikTok is just like earning money anywhere else. You have to work; it has to be creative, and along with these you need some sheer luck. But most importantly, you have to create an aura on the people around you, which makes them be a part of your doing. Keep one necessary thing in mind that if you don’t create something valuable, then you can never make money. 


Now, let us discuss the six primary methods on how to earn money from TikTok:

1. Cross Promotions:

Cross-promotions is the leading marketing strategy and has been going on actively in most of the social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and others. The video creators can use Even TikTok for cross-promotional purposes. But what is a cross-promotion? 

Using your video channel or videos to promote various brands or products is called as cross-promotion. By this feature, the users can charge an amount for using those products in their videos. 

This feature will benefit you in case you have a large number of followers. You can charge the right amount of money from these brands for promoting their products on your channel. They will oblige for your conditions as they will get benefitted because of you in return. 


2. Brand Deals:

Eminent brands always love to take advantage of social media as nearly 70% of the people use them every day. TikTok video creators can earn a hefty amount by this particular method. Many of you will be wondering now, about the difference between cross-promotion and brand deals. In cross-promotion, you use their products in your video, but the content of the video is irrelevant to the product.

In brand deals, you have to use their product and design video in such a way that it will be relevant to the product. Getting cross-promotions is quite easy, but the same doesn’t hold suitable for brand deals. Eminent brands contact if you are mainly famous and dominate the social media platform with your videos. You have to be immensely popular in case you want renowned brands to contact you for their deals. 

TikTok video creators can easily earn around 50,000 U.S dollars per promotion by publishing engaging content on their respective brands. The video creator can charge an amount per view or also set an amount based on the followers he has amassed.


3. E-Commerce Business:

If you have a business of yours, then you can use TikTok to promote your business aggressively. You can also start your own electronic commerce business in TikTok whose sole purpose will be to support various merchants or traders. By this attribute, you can earn lots of money. 

This method is just like advertising the products and designing an advertisement for them in TikTok. At first, you have to start this method on your own, and once you gain some publicity and momentum, lots of merchants will begin contacting you. They will also pay you with the apt remuneration for promoting their products.


4. Be an ‘Online Influencer’:

By being an online influencer, you can earn the right amount of money from TikTok. Influencer means someone who can influence people to do essential things. But being an online influencer is a bit difficult is a bit tricky as you will hundreds of people on social media networks who call themselves as influencers. These people to prove that they are influencers resort to cheap tricks and acquire fake followers in a vast number. 

What happens is that many people will not know whether the followers are fake or real and start following them. This feature will help those ‘fake-online influencers’ to market many products on their platform and give counterfeit reviews on them. But nowadays, it is not so easy to do that. 

Companies have become very intelligent, and they analyze the number of organic and fake followers a person has. Depending on that, they will move forward with the deal.

You can be an online influencer on TikTok, and by using your creativity influence people. You can upload videos on humanity, on facing exams, how to be self-confident and on whereas other topics which can pull people towards your videos. You can also do videos on the area of your expertise, such as drawing, painting, dancing, and others. 

Doing so you can amass a large number of followers in no time, as people look for influencers around them every time. But to achieve fame and money, you need to be an authentic influencer. Who are true influencers? They are the people who have actual organic followings and who value human emotions and influence people slowly by talking about their area of expertise. 


5. Live Streaming:

One of the noteworthy methods to earn the right amount of money is by doing live streaming of your videos. But to do live streaming, you have to purchase coins in the TikTok app by using actual money. Once you acquire those coins, you can live-stream your videos. 

The fundamental advantage of live streaming is that it doesn’t have a restricted time-duration as seen in the regular TikTok videos. So you will have a reasonable amount of time to showcase your talents which include singing, dancing, martial arts and many more. Someone may like your expertise and provide you with more opportunities, or your channel may grow at a phenomenal rate. 

And additional to these attributes, TikTok even passes 80% of the value accumulated by them for charging live streams on building the account of the person doing the live stream. This feature will help you in getting noticed across various brands and also increases your influence in the social media platform. 

Sometimes, you might earn money because of this or sometimes you might get showered with a lot of gifts. But one thing is for sure that your influence keeps on growing, which is a positive point to note. 

Though you might not earn lots of money at the beginning, over time if you are hardworking and creative, then there will nothing stopping you from making money through TikTok. 


So, can we earn money through TikTok?

Yes, definitely. But only if the following methods mentioned above get appropriately followed with a planned strategy. If you are creative and hardworking, then nothing can stop you from earning money on TikTok. But if you resort to cheap tricks like obtaining fake followers and others, then you might lose your only chance of becoming famous on TikTok. 

So be creative, work-hard and influence people who look up to you for advice or for planning their life further. 

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Shreyas Aravind is a mechanical engineer by profession. He is a good orator and writes with passion. Shreyas Also a vivid learner and an eager enthusiast.

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Shreyas Aravind is a mechanical engineer by profession. He is a good orator and writes with passion. Shreyas Also a vivid learner and an eager enthusiast.

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