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Indian Giants Forms an Alliance to Tackle Google Monopoly


Indian startup giants are allying against the tech giant Google. Interestingly, Google has its reach to Indian internet users more than any other firm. It commands over 99% of the smartphone market in India. The tech giant is now facing an odd challenge in the second largest internet market globally.

Several top startups and developers in India are working together and considering to launch an app store to cut their reliability on Google. As per the reports, the list of entrepreneurs has Vijay Shekhar Sharma, Co-founder and CEO of Paytm, the most valuable India startup. It also includes Deep Kalra of MakeMyTrip, executives from Policy Bazaar, Sharechat, and many other entrepreneurs.

The development came after recent moves of Google that put Indian startups in a sturdy position. It began after the giant removed Paytm for few hours from the Playstore. Google stated that the company had violated the rules about fantasy gaming promotions. It also warned in its statement that it would take stricter action for further violations.

Another move that triggered the movement was Google’s new payment policies, where developers need to pay a 30% tax on all in-app purchases. It includes even the entertainment, education, fitness, and dating apps in the list. Google stated that the policy is only applicable to 3% of developers with apps on Google Play. However, the Indian developers don’t look happy about it.

Google Sent Notices to Several Other Developers in India

Many expressed their concerns on Twitter (1) and stated that it is now a high time for India to have its app store. Vijay Sharma even went on a record to sat that the tech giant is acting as a judge, jury, and executioner.

Recently, food tech unicorns Swiggy and Zomato also received notices from Google for violating their policies. It was about the cashback and promotional offers related to IPL and in-app gamification.

Zomato, while confirming the news, stated that they are a small firm that has made several changes and changed its business strategy to comply with Google’s guidelines. It further added that they would replace Zomato Premier League with other programs by the weekend. Simultaneously, Swiggy also put a stop to IPL-led games on the app.