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Paytm Attacks Google For Dominating Digital Ecosystem of India

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After getting delisted from Google Play Store briefly, Paytm (1), India’s financial service startup has accused Google of making policies above Indian laws. In a blog spot, Paytm stated that it s a law-abiding business and works for India as a startup. Google and its team are making policies that are above the laws of the Indian Government. They are arbitrarily implementing them.

Paytm further added that Google owns Android. It is the operating system of 95% of smartphones in India. As a result, Google has enormous control over users downloading apps via its Play Store policies. The tech giant also makes billions of dollars from advertising revenues from Indian startups that make these mobile applications. There are several cases where many of these apps, such as maps, email, payments, cloud storage, shopping, Google, also have these apps that complete with others. It also includes apps made by Indian startups.

Paytm further added that it had recently launched a campaign where users would collect stickers about cricket, scratch cards. It would enable users to earn UPI cashback. It applies to utility payments, UPI money transfer, recharges, and Paytm wallet money.

The financial service startup added that it received an email from Google Play Support on 18 September. The email informed the firm that its Android app had been delisted. Paytm said that it is the first time Google has sent a notification regarding its scratch card campaign and UPI cashback.

The startup stated that it is contrary to accepted practice. The team did not get an opportunity to put forth their views or give out a response to their concerns. It added that, as a startup, Paytm maintains that its cashback campaign is within guidelines and the laws of our country. It alleged that they had not broken any roles or no violation of policies. The campaign is not related to gambling in any manner, stated Paytm.