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Inside Google Office- Perks You Get as A Google Employee


  1. Introduction
  2. 13 perks you get as a Google Employee


Google is one of the most well-known tech companies in the world. As we have seen, Google is the most commonly used Search Engine. The company has many other products like Pixel, Google Home(1), etc. We also know that it is literally a wonderland inside Google Office. This is because the company offers many exciting perks for its employees. This comes in very handy and useful. Let’s look at some of the perks.

13 perks you get as a Google Employee:

The food:

As we know, the food court is one of the fantastic perks inside Google Office. Google makes sure that its employees are well fed. The Google campus consists of 25 cafes. Its very own expert chefs run each of these cafes. The restaurants are located in such a manner that the employees will always be within 150 meters of a cafe no matter where they are. Besides this, the campus also features a free cooking lesson for its employees. The food court also has fresh fruits and a smoothie section. Besides this, the office has vending machines and latte machines on every floor

Inside google office

The Google Death Policy:

In case a Google Employee meets an early death, their spouse continues to get half of their salary for the next ten years. This is along with the Life Insurance payout. Besides this, any stocks owned by the employee will be transferred immediately to their spouse. If the couple has a child, Google offers an extra thousand dollars till their child turns eighteen.

The Google Massage Program:

As you read above, Google actually offers free massage programs to all its employees. The CEO insisted on installing massage parlors inside Google office. Hence, if an employee feels the work’s stress, they can always come and get a relaxing massage and freshen up. But, to avail this program, the employee has to subscribe and pay a small fee. But, this is totally worth it as working in a big company comes with a lot of stress. Hence, getting a relaxing massage with some soothing music decreases your stress significantly if you are very stressed.

Inside google office

The 80/20 rule:

Google recommends it’s employees to follow the 80/20 policy, where the employees can spend twenty percent of their working hours on personal projects or side-projects. This is to encourage the creative side of the employees. Employees designed many small features like Google News or Google Shuttle during their ’20 percent time’. This is very important as this rule extracts all the creativity from the employees. This 80/20 rule excludes the weekend time.

GFleet and Google Shuttle:

Google encourages and supports ‘sustainable commuting.’ This is done by providing biodiesel shuttles as the means of transportation from their house to the campus. This is advantageous to the employees as they save a fortune on gas. This also helps them work during the commute. By keeping the employees away from their cars, Google managed to keep approximately seventy million vehicles off the roads. Besides this, we also know that the campus is enormous. To travel within the campus, Google offers electric cars for its employees. These are stationed in specific locations.

Work stations:

Cubicles are long gone on the campus as the company offers customizable workspaces. The employees have complete freedom to customize their desks inside the Google office. If the desk isn’t suitable, the company also provides a productive and coolest work station. If this also doesn’t work, the company offers you the freedom to sit anywhere and work inside the campus. This rule helps the employees to perform better and efficiently. The idea of sitting in one fixed place and working all day long didn’t stick with Google. Usually, employees choose to sit by the garden on the swings or sit by the swimming pool and enjoy the water. According to a survey, this calms their mind and hence makes them work harder and better.

Inside google office

Complete access to Google’s yet-to-be-launched products:

As an employee of Google, you are entitled to test all the upcoming Google gadgets inside Google’s office. Hence, you can try it even before it hits the market. Therefore, all the Google employees now have access to Google Glass or even the smart lens that monitors blood sugar levels.

Inside google office

‘Take your pet to work’ day:

That’s right; every day is ‘take your pet to work day’ on Google. Google is a pet-friendly company. This rule applies to any employee of the company. But, the pets are allowed inside on the condition that it is well-behaved and doesn’t affect other employees. This rule is not seen in many different companies. Most of the employees decide to get their pets here instead of leaving them with a caretaker. This gives them time to bond. But, the ‘Take your pet to work day’ rule is only applicable to dogs. Cats are not encouraged as they are harder to control. This may disrupt the work-life of other employees and hence, reduce the efficiency.

Natural lawnmowers:

Instead of using lawnmowers to mow down the extra weeds, Google decided to go for a less-noise, low-cost alternative. The company hires a herd of 200 goats to mow the other weeds inside Google office. These goats are kept in line by Jen, a Border-Collie dog. This makes Google one of the first companies to take measures to protect the environment and go green. As expected, these goats slowly graze all the grass around and in the campus. Even the employees enjoy looking at the herd of sheep as it makes them feel less stressed.

Inside google office

Endless Lap Pools:

Endless Lap pools are small swimming pools present inside Google office. The water in the pool measures equal to an actual lap. But the water flows in the direction opposite to that of a swimmer. The speed of these lap pools is adjustable, and a lifeguard is present all the time. Therefore, whenever an employee has some extra time to spend, they can come here and swim for some time and relax. There’s no compulsion here. The employees can even just sit inside the pool and just relax. Many employees use this as they come in early in the morning and finish their daily routine exercise before work.

The library:

This is the best place for a bibliophile. This ‘Lala library’ is present inside Google office in London. It comes with substantial round sofas and artsy cushions. The employees can select a book and read it comfortably. This is present in the London Google office. The La-la library is one of the most beautiful libraries. Many employees come here to relax and get some reading done. You can find a vast collection of books here, including fiction, Reality, Spiritual, Work, Science, and many more. The best part is that it is free for all the employees.

Inside google office

The Game Room:

As expected, a Game Room is present inside Google office. This offers many games like Foosball, Air hockey, video games, Table Tennis, etc. The employees can make time and play any of these when they are stressed out.

Inside google office

Entry to Google Social Events:

If you are a fresher and just started working at Google, the company arranges a social event to introduce you to new people.

Inside google office