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Internshala & KillerLaunch: How to find an Internship in India?

Internshala and Hiredd assist students from across the nation in finding the best internship opportunities from different sec
Internshala and Hiredd assist students from across the nation in finding the best internship opportunities from different sectors and fields in India.

The college has transformed from an everyday lecture to home to lecture space to a lively place full of young rage competing at building their career from the moment they enter the campus. Internships assist you in gaining clarity about your career choice while simultaneously developing your professional skills for future job opportunities.


Internships help you gain advantage as a professional amongst your peers, particularly during placement hours, where experience counts in more than grades. Internshala (1) and KillerLaunch (2) are two great internship search platforms that help you find the internship of your dreams.

How to find an Internship in India?

There are three major ways of finding an internship in India that can assist in giving your career the boost it needs.

1. Internshala & KillerLaunch

Internshala and KillerLaunch are internship and job search portals that thrive to provide the best internship to the students on through its platform. The platforms list the top internship opportunities from across the nation hailing from different sectors and industries like media, PR (3), software, engineer, IT (4), etc.

Here’s why you should go for Internshala and KillerLaunch for finding internships:

  • Uses advanced search tools
  • Easy to use
  • Filter results instantly
  • Apply online, hassle-free
  • Get stipend estimate, eliminating the need to negotiate

Note: You can both search for an internship from your field or look for a particular job title at KillerLaunch and Internshala.

2. Referrals

Similar to job referrals, if you know someone who’s working in your dream company, you can ask them to refer you as an intern for the company. If possible, try to stay in touch with seniors from school and college who can often act as a helping hand and a perfect guide for assisting you careerwise via internships.

Note: Before approaching anyone for gaining referrals as an intern at a fir, ensure they have the department you want to work in.

3. Direct Inquiry

As a student, foraying into the industry as a professional is already a nerve-wracking task. You, however, can make direct inquiries regarding the internship at a company by writing them a formal internship inquiry email that directly addresses the issue and helps you find unique internship opportunities with firms.

While writing an inquiry email (5), asking for an internship at a company, ensure you follow the rules of writing a professional email:

  • State a clear subject- Seeking for an Internship Opportunity at XYZ Company
  • Use a professional email format
  • Use formal tone
  • Express your enthusiasm for the company/internship
  • Specify your subjects
  • Attach a resume
  • Express gratitude

KillerLaunch for Internships


Internships assist in providing professional experience to students who gain the opportunity to learn by observing the professionals in the workspace, thereby helping them build a place in the market. KillerLaunch provides students with the chance to look for internships from the top industry leaders via its easy-to-use search tool.

Note: You can also read about company reviews given by their present or former employees before applying for internships.

Internshala for Internships


Internshala is another excellent platform you can head over to, to find some of the greatest internship opportunities across the nation. In addition to providing internship for the students, Internshala also offers Internshala Training courses for the students to learn additional skills to add to their CVs. Upscale your career today by applying for internships from your field at Internshala.