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Internshala Internship, Trainings. Internshala is amongst the leading internship search platforms that help students in boost
Internshala Internship, Trainings. Internshala is amongst the leading internship search platforms that help students in boosting their careers.

In addition to Internshala, we are also going to review KillerLaunch today!

In this hypercompetitive world, when the number of job-searching websites is increasing, we would like to introduce you to a new platform – KillerLaunch.

KillerLaunch acts as a bridge between recruiters and job seekers, helping freshers find their best suitable job/internship match according to their preferences. At KillerLaunch, you can find jobs or internships easily without any hassle as it provides you the following features:

– Advance filters with 5+ options:

KillerLaunch has special candidate-friendly filters modified according to your needs. With this search bar, you can fix the stipend/salary according to your requirement, add location, type, and even search jobs or internships by keywords!

When compared to Internshala, we found that: Internshala provides you more filter choices, but it can be a little inconvenient for some. The filters don’t offer any stipend option, so you just have to scroll through the entire page to find a job matching your stipend expectations.

– Find numerous job openings:

KillerLaunch enlists jobs and internships from thousands of verified companies so that they can hire a large number of candidates. On average, KillerLaunch provides 10+ job openings per position, making it a perfect site for finding internships.

When compared to Internshala, we found that: On average, Internshala provides you 3-4 openings at max compared to 150+ applicants. It narrows down your chance of selection.

But due to the popularity of Internshala, you can find more internships there.

– Convenient and user-friendly interface:

With all these advanced features, KillerLaunch also gives you an amazingly designed site. Clear and crisp fonts, non-distractive white layout, and properly highlighted details make it easy to use. Another great feature of KillerLaunch is that it has an inbuilt messenger called Killerbot to which you can ask all your queries in one go.

When compared to Internshala, we found that: Internshala has not that easy to navigate page. Also, we didn’t find any inbuilt messenger making it difficult to resolve your queries.

– Resume builder:

KillerLaunch caters to all the needs of its candidates. If you’re a fresher and have no idea about building a resume, don’t worry! You can create your resume in 5 mins. Just fill in all the necessary details, and here you go! KillerLaunch also provides you with four different designs for your resume. To customize each resume before applying for the respective jobs.

When compared to Internshala, we found that: Internshala also provides a resume builder, but it doesn’t have various templates for making a resume.

Find more than just internships at KillerLaunch.

At KillerLaunch, you can find internships from MNCs and big firms and thousands of startup jobs near you. Why work with a startup?

More exposure: startups are like a fresh start. There is something else you can learn that there is a waste of working on the startup. You know the commitment concept because each member will look to you for your role in this factory.

Surrounded by supervisors: The startups were also nothing but a lot of dust, but their idea sets them apart from other companies. The work environment is full of such people who can see beyond what meets the eye. And as they say, it becomes what you believe.

A good working environment: starting work can be the best thing that ever happened to you. The work environment for students is more than that of a solid workplace. Everyone works together as if it were their own and learns from all the mistakes they make.

More exposure to opportunities: They say they seize opportunities as you go along, but this becomes more difficult for contestants. Starting to embrace new ideas and make you laugh at your weaknesses and give you endless opportunities to work with your colleagues. In addition to the office, the startups work closely as a family.

So join today and find paid startup internships near you!

The lot has criticized the Indian education system for focusing on building theoretical robots with no exposure or experience in practical learning. Thankfully, over the past few decades, with the introduction of internships, the students in college have been able to gain access to real-life work experience, helping them boost their careers at an early stage.


Today, every college student or fresher looks forward to gaining work experience in a firm to gain a better understanding of work environment & develop his/her professional and personal skills. Internshala is one such platform that was introduced back in 2010 by Sarvesh Agrawal, an IIT Madras alumni. Internshala is amongst the first online internship exclusive search platforms in India that have helped build the career of thousands of students and freshers for over a decade now.

Sarvesh Agrawal

The Humble Beginnings of Internshala

Sarvesh Agrawal, IIT Madras (1) alumni & founder at Internshala (2), launched the online internship and training platform in 2010 intending to assist students in gaining practical experience from the professional world.

Internshala initially started out as a WordPress (3) blog that aggregated internships and articles on education, technology, and skill gap across India and later converted into the platform. Agrawal had humble beginnings for two years, during which he was the only full-time employee of the company, along with the support of virtual interns working from different cities across India.

Internshala: From a WordPress blog to the leading internship portal

Agarwal, hailing from Rajasthan, has worked with Capital One (4) in the UK and Barclays (5), Mumbai, before commencing on his venture, Internshala. Agrawal believes that comfort restricts growth, which is how he started his Internshala journey.

While talking to one of his friends in the London Business School who was telling him about the troubles he was facing to find an internship in India, the idea sparked in leading to the transformation of a WordPress blog to a happening internship hub.

Internshala is aimed at making individuals ready to enter the corporate world where the platform offers a chance to gain an internship in some of the most reputable firms in India or gain knowledge from online training and workshops.

Here’s what Internshala offers that makes it a fantastic internship platform:

  • Filter internships according to location preferences
  • Select the field of internship
  • Increase your chances of getting hired via Online Winter Internshala Training
  • Apply and get selected
  • Gain the certificate of getting hired from Internshala.

From Internships to Internshala Trainings

Agrawal’s startup Internshala is amongst the leading internship seeking platform which users rely on. The company that started out as a solo team with virtual interns has over 50 employees with interns, and campus ambassadors added every other week.

The Intershala platform started out intending to provide quality internship opportunities to its users but has slowly transformed to become an all-rounder career platform for students. Internshala now has over 5 million students registered on its platform, with thousands of companies on a constant run to find the perfect intern for their company.

The one-stop-internship platform has also extended its wings towards providing the students on its platform with a chance to get specialization in the field of their choice through Internshala Trainings.

Note: You can also find exclusive internship opportunities at KillerLaunch, a leading job and internship search platform in India.

Some of the Internshala Trainings offered under the Internshala Training section are:

1. Programming with Python

Python is amongst the fastest growing language according to Stack Overflow and is in high demand. With Internshala Trainings, learn the versatile language with a simple yet powerful syntax, and get your hands on Machine Learning, AI, Hacking, Web Development, IoT, and more.

2. Web Development

Web Development Internshala Training allows freshers and young graduates to learn about creating a website from scratch. The Web Development Internshala Trainings program teaches with the help of HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, PHP, and MySQLi.

3. Ethical Hacking

Ethical Hacking Internshala Trainings programs allow its users to learn how to hack and secure web applications by performing a vulnerability assessment & penetration test on a live app in a virtual lab environment.

4. Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is one of the most demanded skills in today’s time. Through Internshala Training, you can learn digital marketing with the use of web analytics, e-mail marketing, SEO, social media marketing, and more.

5. Data Science

Data Science Internshala Trainings aims to build a student’s knowledge of the ABC of data science by learning the basics of python, statistics, predictive modeling, & machine learning.

6. Android App Development

Learning how to develop an Android app is beneficial not only for you career-wise but also through Internshala Trainings program, you can even create an app for yourself!

7. Creative Writing

While you can be naturally skilled at being a writer, polishing your writing skills will help you become a refined published author. Through the Creative Writing Internshala Trainings program, you’ll understand the structure and writing techniques for scripts, novels, poems, etc.

8. French Language

French Language Internshal Training allows you to learn the most popular foreign language from expert french instructors. The program works on your written, oral, and conversational french skills with the help of AI technology.

9. Graphic Design

For all the aspiring designers, learning how to design stunning graphics using Adobe Photoshop with the help of Internshala Training will help you gain an understanding of workflows & photo correction techniques, and different effects & beauty techniques using Photoshop.

10. Business Communication Skills

As a fresher, it is imperative for you to work on your business communication skills as a casual conversational style might not work at your workplace. Through Business Communication Skills Internshala Training, you’ll improve and develop your business communication skills for the workplace.

Fact: Internshala stood as a part of NASSCOM 10k Startups (6) and was the finalist in People Matters (7) TechHR 2015 Spotlight Awards under the ‘Futurism in Recruitment’ category.

Internshala Login Account & Ratings

Through Internshala login, a user gains access to his personal Internshala login account, allowing him/her to view potential internship opportunities from his/her preferred field of interest while simultaneously keeping track of applied internships through the Students’ Dashboard.

A student’s Internshala login account is also rewarded with positive and negative points for his Internshala journey. The rating provided to the users is based on their knowledge of the best practices to secure an internship and how professionally they behave with the employers.

FAQs on Internshala

1. Is the Internshala certificate valid?

Yes. Internshala provides you with a recognized certificate that you can mention in your resume.

2. Is Internshala paid?

It entirely depends on the type of internship you’re applying to. Please check the stipend details before applying to any Internship.

3. Is Internshala training free?

No. Internshala provides paid training courses in various fields.

4. How can I get an internship with no experience?

Try taking part in your college fests and various events organized by your college. Learn some certificate courses and take classes.

5. What is the use of Internshala?

Internshala is an online platform to find internships. Students can find various internships from thousands of firms and NGOs for free!

6. How many hours do you work at an Internship?

Usually, summer school interns work between 10-20 hours a week. If the internship is paid, they may be required to spend 40 hours per week.

7. How to apply for an internship in Internshala?

Visit the Internshala website and sign in by entering the details and qualifications. Apply for internships matching your skills and qualifications.


According to Agrawal, entering into the internship realm always serves towards a better future for the students. Once a student goes for an internship, word-of-mouth works as the top source of marketing, because of which friends commence their internship journeys after being influenced by each other’s achievements. By introducing Internshala Trainings, the platform has further advanced on creating a productive platform for freshers and students.

Overall, the Internshala platform has been successful in launching an internship search site for students looking to boost their careers by finding the right internships from across the nation. In addition to providing internships opportunities hailing across our country India, Internshala also provides its users with a chance to bag an internship abroad, listed on its internships abroad page.