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iQuanta: An Entrepreneur’s journey towards helping students with Online CAT Coaching

iQuanta founder- Indrajeet Singh
iQuanta founder- Indrajeet Singh (mage Credits: Facebook)

The impact of innovation and the influence of the internet can be firmly seen in the field of education. Edtech or training innovation envelops the modest utilisation of the internet to teach and train students to crack many exams. In spite of the fact that the modes of teaching have remained extensively the equivalent for many years, innovation and the current scenarios are rapidly advancing this sector.

There are various websites and platforms that help students to clear many competitive exams.  iQuanta (1) is one such inventive platform which has been assisting students from all over the country to crack the various sections of CAT (Common Admission Test), like VARC (Verbal and Reading Comprehension) Quant, LRDI etc.

iQuanta founder- Indrajeet Singh (Image Credits_ Facebook)
iQuanta founder- Indrajeet Singh (Image Credits: Facebook)

iQuanta was founded by Indrajeet Singh, a brilliant mentor who himself used to be a CAT aspirant. Indrajeet had exceptional skills in mathematics and could solve Quant problems without a pen or paper. He started the venture of iQuanta while he was in the third year of his engineering degree.

iQuanta makes use of Facebook by creating groups through which they share videos and study materials. Indrajeet Singh and other professionals on iQuanta can solve any doubt that the students post that too within a few minutes. By 2018, the Facebook group had more than 2.6 lakh members. As of now, more than 1,70,000 students make use of the Facebook group to solve their doubts and understand questions easily. The team of iQuanta consists of experienced mentors and faculties who have guided more than 5000 CAT aspirants. The success that iQuanta made in the first two years was something that the other competitors had been struggling for over a decade. Through their services, iQuanta has proved that creative modes of teaching can lead to definite improvement of a person’s learning skill by making productive utilisation of the social reach of the Internet.

What makes iquanta relevant?

The evolution in the field of education mainly because of the numerous advantages that it has over traditional forms of teaching. Even if it’s a regular class, neighbouring tuition, or a coaching institute, a packed group of around 100 students yields no results. It is important to note that each student has a different calibre and has to be assisted differently. Some may be able to understand and learn concepts quickly while others take much longer.

With the help of online platforms like iQuanta, the student can learn at their own pace. One-to-one sessions make sure that these pupils get enough individual attention. Moreover, it has the ability to reduce expenses, produce efficient results and empower new degrees of normalisation. As we keep on building the cutting edge economy, websites and groups like iQuanta can change the eventual fate of education and coaching classes, both for the students and the tutors.

From the overall surveys, it is evident that the conventional strategy for education is innately wasteful. What makes online learning even more favourable is that it diminishes the usual price of other teaching methods. Anyway, cost proficiency is only one of the primary motivations behind why iQuanta has become an excellent choice for students. The materials on iquanta are open to a large crowd and offer personal attention to each student.

Major characteristics of iQuanta

Over the years, iQuanta has grown to be the best online coaching platform for CAT aspirants. Not only is its services cost-effective but also the most effective way to cater to each student’s needs. The team has now come up with many paid packages for CAT coaching. Let’s take a look at some of the most significant features that make iQuanta the best choice.

  • Low coaching fees: If you take a quick look at other competitors of iQuanta, you can see that the cost of coaching at iQuanta is much less. They provide the best services at the lowest possible prices.
  • Quick Doubt clarification: The mentors of iQuanta are available around the clock to solve any doubt you come up with while studying. The creative idea of using Facebook as a medium enables them to give answers to each student’s questions immediately.
  • Convenient classes: Since all the classes of iQuanta are online, the student does not have to waste any time travelling to and from a coaching class. Even aspirants with a full-time job can make use of iQuanta since they have lessons that start as late as 10 pm. Moreover, they use Facebook as a platform which is readily available to anyone with a computer or an Android phone.

The various iQuanta classes

iQuanta conducts coaching classes six days a week. Let’s take a closer look into what these classes focus on.

  • VARC classes: a professional tutor at iQuanta conducts the classes for VARC (Verbal and Reading Comprehension), which is a crucial part of the CAT exam. The pupils are given enough time to go through each section that has been taught. They are free to ask any doubts, and the tutor will solve them instantly.
  • LRDI classes: the LRDI or Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation classes are conducted with the help of creative videos to help the student understand the lessons easily. They provide the answers to all the LRDI questions that are posted in the group. iQuanta maintains a certain standard when putting up LRDI questions for the students in order to prepare them for the tough CAT exam.
  • Quant classes: Just like the name suggests, quant classes are a speciality of iQuanta. Indrajeet is a maestro when it comes to quant questions, and he is more than happy to share his tips and tricks with the pupils. You can blindly count on his shortcuts which will be helpful during the intense pressure of the CAT exam.

Though the students can freely make use of their posts on the Facebook page (2), it can be confusing when all the doubts and questions are mixed. So it is better to join their online classes for easy access to their exclusive guidance. Soon after they began the Facebook page, iQuanta also initiated a scheme named Learn and Earn through which the students could earn money by solving the doubt posted on the page. IQuanta is the only online coaching platform that provides an opportunity such as this. Presently, it is the number one destination for CAT aspirants.