Is India Ready for 5G?

5G phones are now available in India, but 5G networks are not available yet. To cope with this problem, Reliance JIO has taken some new steps. According to the report, Indian Billionaire Mukesh Ambani’s Jio Platforms limited is working with Qualcomm Inc. to develop 5G solutions and accelerate efforts to bring the high-speed network to India. India’s one of the great service providers, Jio, is ready to sign a deal with Qualcomm technologies to enhance efforts. If Jio can pull this out, it will be one of the most significant achievements.


In June, Union Communications Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad (1) informed that the Indian Government would hold the auction for spectrum. This spectrum will contain airwaves, which are quite essential for building a 5G network. Few Countries such as the US and South-Korea have begun the service of 5G, and India is planning to do it by the end of this year. 

Before we look further into the deal is quite essential for us to understand what 5G is?

5G is the next-gen cellular technology that will provide faster and more secure communication with much less disturbance and hindrance. Further, 5G is a network connection with a nearly 2-20 GBPS speed compared to the speed of 4G, which was amounted to 6-7 MBPS in India.

Although, India has yet to auction airwaves for 5G. Mukesh Ambani is planning for fifth-generation wireless services. He is planning to link these services with in-house production, which is a huge benefit. This means that Jio will require less time to switch to the new system. Apart from this, in-house production will help Jio to get rid of political disputes as they will not need any Chinese product for the exhibition.

When discussed further, Mukesh Ambani mentioned that he would be interested in selling the technology to other carriers if the experiment rolls out successfully in the Indian market. 

It’s been four years since the debut of Jio in India, and Jio has offered numerous plans and offers to the audience. Even the Charges are less as compared to other competitors in the market. Last year, Jio became the nation’s biggest carrier, with about 400 million users. On 18th October, the Press Trust of India reported that the company would launch an inexpensive phone amounting to nearly 2000 INR.


Economical impact of 5G

According to a Government report, 5G is expected to create an impact of nearly $1 trillion within 15 years. Moreover, different departments have given different views on the topic. Telecom gear maker Ericsson claimed that India’s revenue potential is expected to be more than $27 billion by 2026. 70 Million 5G connections are predicted to be given by the year 2025.

In addition to this, 5G will boost the economy as more people will be connected to Internet services. According to a survey, ordinary citizen sees 5G as a significant boost to PM Modi’s Digital India project. 


Different Indian operators preparing for 5G

To know the operations of 5G and to witness the changes of 5G in the real world, different Indian operators have asked for permission from the Indian Government. Apart from this, Indian operators are also increasing network cores to deal with the traffic loads of the 5G network. Here are some different approaches to different systems by Indian operators-

Reliance Jio– Jio launched its service back in 2016 with 4G; before that, only 2G and 3G were available in India. Jio disturbed the sales of all its rivals, including Airtel, Vodafone Idea, and BSNL. Now Jio is looking at its modern network infrastructure for providing the first 5G services in India. According to a report, Jio only requires spectrum and equipment as they already have a network and backhaul. Moreover, Jio is the only network in India will all the IP network, which is an essential requirement for launching 5G. In addition to this, Jio classified that particular trials will be taken with Samsung, the supplier of its 4G network. Jio is also looking to extend their partnership for 5G trials with different brands such as Nokia, Ericsson, and Huawei.

During the July period, Google said they would support Jio for the development of 5G in India. Apart from this, now Jio has also got support from Qualcomm; Chipmaker Qualcomm is expected to offer deep technology and insights to Jio to make the plan successful. Intel is another supporter of Jio for this progress; Intel has advanced edge computing offering across processors, and access to the technology will help Jio get close to the vision. 

Jio uses homegrown services for this 5G plan to make it better, and in this way, Jio will not use any Chinese product for the development. 

Airtel – Airtel said that they would work with Huawei, ZTE, Ericsson, and Nokia, which will improve its backhaul capacity by four. To improve the core network, deals with Ericsson and Cisco will be signed.

Vodafone Idea- They are already using 5G AI technology from Huawei to boost the network’s capability and, in the future, deals with Huawei and ZTE will be signed. 


Benefits of 5G to India

5G will offer numerous benefits to consumers, and consumers will be able to download data with rich content; 8k movies and games are an excellent example of such data. This data will be downloaded in just a few seconds. Customers will be able to access the 5G after changing their current devices in favor of 5G-enabled ones. 

Moreover, People only see the internet as a means of surfing and downloading, but that is not true. The internet is not limited to mobile phones only. 5G network is expected to be the most significant boost for emerging technology, and it is also considered the backbone for immerging technology. 5G and will support machine to machine communication and a much broader range of applications and services. These services include driverless vehicles, telesurgery, and real-time data analysis. 

5G offers the lowest latency, and this ultra-low latency range makes the technology desirable for people. The time taken by data to reach the destination from the source will be the lowest ever witnessed. 

To conclude, technology is a gift that humanity has given to themselves. Over the years, development in technology has made our lives comfortable and luxurious. 5G will be the new addition to that comfortable life, and things will become much more manageable. Moreover, not many countries have rolled out the services of 5G, which is an excellent opportunity for India to mark their presence in the global market. 

As Jio announced, there are going to make 5G a carrier of Indian. If this happens, India will be marked among the world’s top countries in terms of technological advancement.

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