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How Jaimin Vaghani and Naman Ambavi’s startup – Easocare is helping to store medical records digitally in the current pandemic

Jaimin Vaghani and Naman Ambavi founded their startup - Easocare Private, in July 2019 as a Non-government company in Mumbai.
Jaimin Vaghani and Naman Ambavi founded their startup – Easocare Private, in July 2019 as a Non-government company in Mumbai.

The Founders

Twenty-two years old, Jaimin Vaghani, and Seventeen-year-old, Naman Ambavi, are the duo behind Easocare.

Easocare Co-Founder: Jaimin Vaghani
Easocare Co-Founder: Jaimin Vaghani

Jaimin has graduated from Gujrat Technological University as a Software Developer and left his job at BharatPe for this startup.

Easocare Co-Founder: Naman Ambavi
Easocare Co-Founder: Naman Ambavi

Naman, who is currently pursuing Computer Engineering from NMIMS University, Mumbai, has been in the IT industry for a few years. He has founded two brands that were later acquired soon after their launch.



Easocare is a mobile application available on both Android and iOS. It fundamentally focuses on storing the users’ medical records digitally. It is an easy-to-use mobile interface. All the documents are stored securely and available anytime and anywhere, just in a few clicks. It is entirely patient-centric and ensures that you have complete control over your data. The app provides unlimited storage to store your medical records for free.

One of the features of the company which stands out is “Family Access,”


The users can add multiple Easocare accounts of their family members, mention the relationship with them & that’s it!

You have access to yours and your family’s health records, right on your phone.

Check out Easocare’s company page on –

Check out the website for Easocare here.

The Vision, Idea, and Inspiration behind the startup!

Both the co-founders of the company, at some point in their lives, encountered complexities in getting their family’s medical records in an emergency.

Soon the duo realized that they are not the only ones facing this problem. Hence they decided to step up to transform the mentality from “reactive measures” to “preventive measures.”

They thought that on the one hand, where all the essential documents like travel, finance, and food are digital, then why are medical records still confined to papers.

Eventually, this issue became their company’s problem statement. They reached out to their friends and family, some medical practitioners and healthcare experts, and heard out their problems. Consequently, they decided that this had to be addressed immediately.

The company’s vision is to create a better digital solution to connect all the points in the healthcare ecosystem. They aim to provide a highly enriching yet user-friendly system for patients & their family members so that they can focus on caring & getting fit, not worrying about anything else.

Challenges faced on the outset!

Easocare was planning to create something different from the regular healthcare providers. Currently, the ecosystem is driven by healthcare providers, like insurers, hospitals, or clinic management systems, and it does not put the patients in control of their data.

Whereas, it wanted patients to upload their health records. However, the duo knew that most people have a ‘reactive’ mindset.

In the hustle & bustle of this country, everyone is either busy or lazy to sit and upload all their past medical records. As a result, the company faced a lot of challenges in making the users aware.

Soon, they launched the At-your-Doorstep service to counter this issue.

“At your doorstep” is a paid service soon to be serviceable in several regions across India. The company’s representatives would come at your premises with professional scanning equipment, scan all your medical records, and it would be automatically tagged and uploaded on the patient’s Easocare account in a few hours. All you have to do is give a space for the representatives & your medical records, and you now have your entire medical history stored digitally & securely.

Partnerships and Collaborations of Easocare!

Easocare has been a standalone application to date, but they are considering having integrations with healthcare providers who can act like data capture points for the system.

Although, during the recent COVID-19 events, Easocare had built a “Risk Assessment Tool,” which analyzes your symptoms and provides you a result if you should get tested or not. Wockhardt Hospitals Group had collaborated with them to give this tool for their audience, and another healthcare company based out of the Philippines, who closely work with the Local Government Units, had used this tool.

First Milestone and Current Success Growth!

After the launch, the startup managed to cross 1500+ downloads on Google Play Store in just five days. They even hit their first milestone of 1000+ downloads in less than five days.

Easocare now has over 2800+ downloads across Android & iOS and is gradually taking baby steps to reach its vision. Soon after the company was formed, they were certified as a DPIIT startup from the Government of India. Recently, they got three advisors onboard, which have been closely working with the founders for the company’s growth.