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KALIA Yojana – Latest List 2020, Details, How to Apply, Benefits, and Updates

KALIA yojana started in the year 2018 as a scheme to support farmers in Odisha and to increase the agricultural output of the
KALIA yojana started in the year 2018 as a scheme to support farmers in Odisha and to increase the agricultural output of the state.


  1. Introduction
  2. Latest developments
  3. Main details
  4. How to apply for KALIA Yojana online
  5. KALIA Yojana list
  6. KALIA Yojana Scheme benefits
  7. Common FAQs answered
  8. Kalia scheme camps


KALIA Yojana

KALIA Yojana was started by the Odisha government to alleviate the poverty rate of farmers in Odisha and to increase the growth rate in the agriculture sector of the state. The KALIA Yojana Odisha was started by the then CM Naveen Patnaik (1) in December 2018. The full form of KALIA is- Krushak Assistance for Livelihood and Income Augmentation.
With KALIA yojana in Odisha gaining wider appreciation and versatility, the government decided to extend it till the other scheme – PM KISAN continues operating.

KALIA Yojana Odisha latest developments

The Odisha government revealed its withdrawal of Rs. Seven hundred thirty-four crores from the contingency fund of the state to be used for the better implementation of the scheme. Amongst other significant developments to be made in the scheme, there will be an implementation committee set up to spread the effects of the yojana farther. Also, as per the latest changes, the state government has decided to extend support to nearly 50 lakh small and marginal farmers and some 25 lakh landless agriculture families.

Any farmer new to the scheme can visit the official website for details and can get himself registered for KALIA BARTA. He can give a missed call on the number- 08061174222. By doing so, he will immediately get registered with the official database, and all details regarding the scheme will be forwarded to his mobile.

KALIA Yojana Main Details

The state government of Odisha plans on providing financial aid to farmer families across Odisha. The amount to be paid to each farmer is Rs. 10000, rupees five thousand each for Kharif and rabi season. This will benefit all small and marginal farmers who are reluctant to take up cultivation due to dire financial needs.

How to apply for KALIA Yojana online

1. Visit the official website –

2. At the homepage, select the option- apply online for inclusion

3. A new window will appear on your screen, enter your aadhar details, and click on show.

4. The entire form will appear on the screen.

5. Fill in all your details and click on submit.

KALIA Yojana list

Follow the following steps after visiting the official website of KALIA yojana to view the beneficiary list as well the KALIA yojana new list details-

KALIA Yojana List

1. Click on the beneficiary list option.

2. Fill in your district, block, and panchayat name in the boxes provided.

3. Select the option view list.

Kalia Gram Panchayat List

4. Gram panchayat names with PDF options to download will appear on your screen.

Kalia list

5. Click on it to download and view the file.

KALIA Yojana Scheme Benefits

Financial assistance of rupees 25000 to each small and marginal farm family for five seasons. This will help them in purchasing seeds, fertilizers, agricultural tools, and other requirements.

For landless agricultural households, the financial assistance of 12500 INR will be extended. This is primarily aimed to target the SC and ST population of the state.

For vulnerable agricultural groups, the assistance of 10000 will be provided.

Beneficiaries facing problems in receiving financial assistance despite their names being mentioned in the list can recheck their bank account details. And if they seek to get their bank account modified, they can get it changed by seeking the assistance of the gram panchayat and submitting their aadhar card copy and the copy of the front page of their passbook.

KALIA Yojana Odisha Main Benefits:

  1. Extention of the financial support to further families.
  2. Means of livelihood to landless farmers.
  3. An insurance cover for farmers.
  4. Help and assistance to; landless and homeless farmers
  5. Crop loans made interest free.

Common FAQs answered

1. Define farmer families?

All those members who share the same ration card come under one farmer’s family.

2. What is the definition of a landless agricultural household?

According to the Odisha state government, any household which does have nay land and has been performing agricultural activities for six months or more come under the category of a landless agrarian family.

3. Define small and marginal farmers?

A small farmer is the one who owns one hectare to 2 hectares of cultivable land. A marginal farmer, on the other hand, owns less than one hectare of land.

Kalia scheme camps

PEETHA camps

To enable farmers to learn more about the scheme, the government had conducted PEETHA camps from 15 January to 20 March 2019. They were held at GP levels and lasted for five days each month from January to march.