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After a resounding success of KGF chapter 1, Makers are all set to release KGF 2 in Metaverse. All you need is an EL Dorado t

After a resounding success of KGF, chapter 1, the makers have also released the second chapter in Metaverse.

And it has a cool name, “KGFverse.”

After creating ripples across the country and cracking millions, producers are set to weave the KGF magic in the Metaverse world.

How can we become a part of this?

Well! A special token is here at your disposal.

The name is “El Dorado Token.”

There couldn’t be a better token name. It is a book on which the KGF franchise is based, after all.

Purchasing your tokens comes easy as it works similarly to NFTs. So, hurry up and get your tokens as KGF verse is the fastest selling NFTs so far, with 500 NFTs sold in the first 10 minutes or so.

How can I get one:

So, El Dorado is right now available in the form of Polygon Cryptocurrency, which charges a separate gas fee for transactions.

The process has further been categorized into three phases for the audience:

Phase 1 – Phase 1 comprised the most exciting – of course, the launch of KGF verse tokens in huge numbers.

Wanna guess?

Well! Those were a crazy 10000 different El Dorado tokens along with Rocky Bhai NFT Avatars.

And the EL Dorado users also got a chance to use the tokens during sales.

How cool!

Phase 2 – Here, the makers made their top-notch by introducing 3D voxel Avatars and animated game teasers. Hurray!

So, get ready to see your Rocky Bhai’s Mustang in not one or two but hundreds of NFT games.

Phase 3 – After users are done making most of phase 1 and phase 2, Phase 3 will be characterized for voting.

Voters vote for KGF verse expansion and other new projects.

That’s amazing. But, since we are investing so much into these tokens, will those be of any use after the end of the three phases?

EL Dorado token is full of use!

Apart from owning a gateway to KGF Verse, EL Dorado comes with its perks.

From making you the winner of the NFT airdrop to attending events with real-life characters, there is a lot more you can explore with these tokens.

KGFverse is just so cool! We so wish to see this metaverse fusion in other movies as well!

This is just the start. Metaverse has almost made inroads with the film industry.

So, how is Film Industry adopting the Metaverse?

Though, for now, the film industry has not started releasing movies full-fledged in Metaverse, the promotions and marketing are going on in full bloom in the NFT space.

However, movies like 83, Radhe Shyam, and Rudra have already stepped their foot in the world of Metaverse with Mega releases.

So, we can say the film industry still is in the beginning phase of Filmverse. But, with experimentation like NFTs, tokens, and movie-based games, they are all set to tap into the rapidly expanding Meta world.

Does that mean movies will become a lot more affordable?

It becomes accessible for sure. At least, now, when you wish to hang out with your old friends, you don’t have to bother about the long distance. You can go chill and watch your favorite film in the VR world without traveling to the cinema halls.

Now, whether it is cost-effective or not, only time will tell. Yeah, KGFverse was affordable, ranging from 3-4 $. But, in the long run, as movies shift into the Meta world, it will be a competitive space for marketing and promotions.

So the cost prediction, in the long run, is difficult as it depends upon the level of expansion and cutthroat competition, of course!

How immersive is the experience?

There is nothing to worry about here, as you will get a full-on immersive experience through VR glasses. You can also get a stylish Avatar that represents you the best and reconnect with old friends over a movie of your favorite superstar.

The fun here is not only limited to watching movies but expands to NFTs, stickers, amazing token offers, and what not!

What can be more exciting?

So, go get an EL Dorado and experience the KGF magic in the NFT space.

Or you can also wait for your next favorite movie wracking through the Metaverse world!