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Know About EWS Certificate: Validity & Details

EWS certificate is an issue for the people belonging to the economically weaker sections and is a new reservation sub-category under the General category people. This came into effect in 2019, with the Bill signed by the President on 12th January 2019. Gujarat was the first state which applied this rule to its entire official works.

With the EWS certificate, any person of the general category who does not have the proper economic condition is eligible to get a 10% reservation under India’s posts. Although, the is available only for general category people while the people who already share reservation under categories like SC, ST or OBC are not eligible for the EWS certification.

About EWS Certificate

This is mainly a certificate to prove and assure that the person holding this certificate belongs to the economically weaker section in the society and does not have enough aid regarding the economy. This brings a benefit for economically more vulnerable people and provides them a 10% reservation under different works from education to the job. People can apply for the EWS certification through the details mentioned below in the article.

Eligibility Criteria

Anyone who considers themselves for an EWS Certificate should successfully fulfill the below-given criteria for getting an EWS Certificate.

  • People should not belong to any other reservation scheme like SC, ST, or OBC and should have an annual income below eight lakhs.
  • Anyone possessing 5 acres of land or above, residential plot more than 100 square yards, or a residential area above 1000 square feet are not eligible for the EWS Certificate.

Application Fee

The fee for the people wanting an EWS certificate can vary upon the authorities providing the Certificate and also upon every state government. This is a nominal fee and a must to pay to acquire an EWS Certificate.

Important Documents Required

There are a few documents which are a must to provide to the government through which one can receive their EWS Certificate successfully are mentioned below. One should bring out the proper authentic documents to avail of the EWS Certificate.

  • Aadhar Card(1)
  • ID Proof
  • Affidavit
  • Property Documents
  • Domicile Certificate
  • Passport size photograph

These are the most necessary documents of all; other than this, the authority might ask for some other type of official document that one should have. Applicants should surely visit the EWS certification authority before collecting their papers to ensure they are through with the process at once.

The validity of the EWS Certificate

The EWS Certificate varies with time and mainly depends upon the income and assets of a person. The validity for the Certificate is decided by the State government and is generally renewed every year from the date of issue. Before trying for the EWS Certificate, people should analyze their income and then only consider themselves. To get more information, one should directly contact the state government for more in-depth details.

Some Important Questions

Q1. I belong to OBC category, am I eligible for the EWS Certification?

No, the EWS Certificate is only provided to people who are under the General Category. Any person who is already under any reservation and is not under the general category is not eligible for the EWS Certificate.

Q2. How much time is needed for Processing an EWS Certificate?

The process varies from state to state but mainly takes almost 21 days from the submission date of the application form with documents. One can enquire about the exact time from the EWS authority of one’s state.


An EWS Certificate always comes in handy for people belonging to economically weaker sections. Most of the work is quickly undertaken if one possesses an EWS Certificate and has been working or studying under India’s government. People can apply accordingly and should remain in touch with the EWS authority of the State they reside in.