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Lockdown might get extended; PM says it’s a ‘long fight’ against Coronavirus

The Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, gave a hint that this lockdown might not end on April 14th by telling that It's a 'long fi
The Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, gave a hint that this lockdown might not end on April 14th by telling that It’s a ‘long fight’ against COVID-19.

As the number of COVID-19 cases in India is still on a continuous rise, the lockdown and the Quarantine period might get extended to prevent the spread of this Pandemic.

Narendra Modi has cautioned the people that this is going to be a very ‘long’ fight, and they should brace themselves up. He also asked his cabinet ministers to get ready for a ‘slow’ exit from lockdown and even to balance the economic impact of this Pandemic, that is, to reduce the dependency from other countries.

Updates on Coronavirus in India:

The people of India are witnessing the deadly effects of this Pandemic as New Delhi, Mumbai, and many other cities see a continuous rise in the number of cases. The total nationwide tally has crossed 4500 and is currently at 4600s while the death toll has shot up to 138. In 24 hours, 29 deaths due to Coronavirus have been reported.

The Union Health Ministry (1) reported that the disease is in ‘localized Community transmission’ stage, in which a large number of cases would be reported from a particular area, and thus becomes the Hotspot for the virus. As the state of Uttar Pradesh sees many cases, the lockdown might get extended for them.

The Telangana government has advised the central government to consider extending the lockdown for one or two more weeks as ending the lockdown now might result in a drastic increase in the cases.

The Health Ministry released the tally of the cases, which stated that approximately 1/3rd of the total nationwide cases consisted of people linked to the Tablighi incident.

During a video conference with the cabinet minister, PM Modi asked them to prepare continuity plans and even take measures against the economic impact of COVID-19. He also stated that during these difficult times, ‘Make In India‘ initiative might be wholly suited and successful as this might reduce dependence on other countries.

They also noted that this virus might be much more effective upon elderly persons and even those people who are aged between 40 and 60 if they have a severe medical condition.