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Major Companies Vie for IPL Sponsorship Slots: A Glance at the Race

Explore the competitive dynamics of the IPL sponsorship race as major companies vie for associate and special partner slots, with significant financial stakes and unparalleled branding opportunities on the line.


The Indian Premier League (IPL) has once again emerged as a battleground for corporate giants, with nine major companies competing for coveted associate and special partner slots. As the deadline for bid submission looms, let's delve into the competitive landscape shaping up for IPL sponsorship.

Contenders in the Arena:

A diverse array of companies, including Dream11, Ceat, Saudi Tourism, Aramco, Mastercard, RuPay, PhonePe, MyCircle11, and DP World, have reportedly expressed interest in securing IPL sponsorship. Notably, five of these contenders already boast prior associations with the IPL.

Strategic Shifts and Opt-Outs:

While stalwarts like Dream11, Saudi Tourism, and RuPay have served as associate sponsors in the past, newer entrants like Cred, Upstox, and Paytm have opted out this time, possibly driven by strategic considerations aimed at cost optimization.

Bid Dynamics and Financial Outlay:

The bidding process, initiated with the purchase of the request for quotation (RFQ) document by February 19, is set to witness intense competition, with bids slated for submission by February 21. The financial stakes are significant, with associate partner slots commanding INR 65 Cr per year for 74 matches, among other partnership categories.

IPL: A Branding Extravaganza:

With IPL boasting an unparalleled viewership of 505 Mn and a staggering watch time of 427.1 Bn minutes in the previous edition, it remains a magnet for advertisers seeking to leverage its massive audience base. Companies vie to secure promotional spots during ad breaks, capitalizing on the event's unrivaled visibility.

Growth Trajectory and Market Dynamics:

The IPL's allure extends beyond mere viewership, as evidenced by the exponential growth in gaming revenue, which surged to approximately Rs 2,800 Cr in IPL 2023. The market has witnessed a robust CAGR of 30% since IPL 2019, underpinned by a surge in user acquisition and engagement.

Advertising Revenue Dynamics:

Redseer's analysis underscores IPL 2023's substantial advertising revenue, estimated at approximately Rs 10,000 Cr. While direct revenue shared among stakeholders remains significant, indirect revenue streams from social media and internet platforms further augment the IPL's financial allure.


As the IPL sponsorship race heats up, companies are gearing up to invest hefty sums to secure their share of the limelight in one of the world's most-watched sporting extravaganzas. With financial stakes running high and competition intensifying, the IPL continues to be a cornerstone of India's sporting and advertising landscape.