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MeitY Startup Hub to Host 'Investor Connect Programme' Across 10 Cities in India

MeitY Startup Hub partners with Inc42 to host the 'Investor Connect Programme' across 10 cities in India, providing startups with exposure and investment opportunities. #MeitY #Inc42 #Startup #InvestorConnect

India's startup ecosystem is thriving, with smaller cities leading the innovation wave. Recognizing the challenges faced by early-stage startups, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) has launched various programmes to support them. As part of these efforts, MeitY, in collaboration with Inc42, is hosting the 'Investor Connect Programme' to showcase startups nurtured by MeitY's initiatives.

Starting in March 2024, the programme will conduct 'demo days' in cities like Jaipur, Kanpur, and Ahmedabad. These events will provide startups with fundraising skills, pitch deck creation, and pitching opportunities to investors. The programme aims to reach startups across India, including those from remote areas, to provide them with exposure and investment opportunities.

S. Krishnan, secretary of MeitY, emphasized the importance of the programme in providing startups with the right exposure and investments. The initiative will offer a platform to over 100 startups, enabling them to receive feedback, exposure, and funding opportunities.

The Investor Connect Programme will serve as a launchpad for innovative startups, aligning with Inc42's mission to catalyze the growth of the Indian startup ecosystem. The programme will kick off with a virtual training session for over 300 MeitY-backed startups, featuring industry experts like Anup Jain and Anil Pinapala as speakers. This session will equip founders with skills to build pitch decks, deliver impactful presentations, and anticipate key investor questions.

Selected ventures will have the opportunity to showcase their solutions at the demo day events. Jeet Vijay, CEO of MeitY Startup Hub, highlighted the importance of these events in showcasing innovative solutions and attracting potential investors, contributing to the growth of India's digital economy.