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T9L Partners with IndiaTech to Incubate 25 Early Stage Tech Startups

T9L Startup Studio and IndiaTech collaborate to launch QUBE, an early stage incubation programme for tech startups, aiming to incubate 25 startups in its first cohort.

T9L Startup Studio has collaborated with IndiaTech, an industry body of Indian startups and investors in the tech space, to launch QUBE, an early stage incubation programme for startups. In its first cohort, the incubator aims to onboard 25 startups with initial investments from various industry bodies and individuals.

Tailored Incubation:

QUBE will provide incubation specifically designed for entrepreneurs, offering financial support integrated with strategic and operational guidance from experienced founders.

Shaping Startup Journeys:

Rameesh Kailasam, CEO of IndiaTech, emphasized the significance of this initiative in shaping the course of emerging early-stage startups, guiding them towards becoming unicorns. He highlighted the evolving nature of incubation in India, which now includes services like strategic direction, mentorship, regulatory and policy guidance, human resources, and access to funding.

Utilizing Proven Methodologies:

Fahad Moti Khan, cofounder and CEO at T9L, expressed the intention to leverage T9L's methodologies and IndiaTech's extensive network and insights to provide critical support to startups during their most vulnerable stages.

Startup Studio Model:

QUBE will leverage the startup studio model, enabling founders to work closely with a team of experts across product, growth, fundraising, and technology. The studio concept is based on the belief that with the right intervention, most startup failures can be avoided.

Key Focus Areas:

  1. Early-Stage Cash Infusion: Providing founders with the necessary capital to fund the first 12-18 months of their startups' lives.
  2. Professional Incubation: Offering comprehensive support in venture strategy shaping, product supervision, and other critical aspects.
  3. Avoiding Startup Failure: Recognizing that failures can often be avoided with proper execution, adequate funding, and team alignment.
  4. Personalized Attention: Providing hands-on support on crucial aspects of building a playbook, from storytelling to product development to growth and fundraising collaborations.

About T9L and IndiaTech:

Founded in 2014, T9L is a startup studio that partners with founders to help them execute their ideas. IndiaTech, led by Rameesh Kailasam, engages with ministries and regulators to support tech startups in India through incubations and mentorship.

IIT Madras Incubation:

In January, IIT Madras announced plans to incubate at least 100 startups across sectors such as sustainability, green energy, quantum, and mobility in 2024.