The Story Behind Meraj Faheem’s Startup: The Hacking School – First-ever Coding Bootcamp in India

Let's uncover the story behind Meraj Faheem's startup - The Hacking School, the first-ever coding Bootcamp in India.


The Journey before starting The Hacking School

Meraj Faheem - The Hacking School Founder
Meraj Faheem – The Hacking School Founder

Meraj Faheem, the founder at the Hacking School hails from Mahbubnagar, a town situated near Hyderabad. Meraj completed his engineering degree in biotechnology from Bharath University, Chennai. Meraj had a thin perspective regarding jobs and starting learning to code and built his first product soon.


What is the Hacking School all about?

The Hacking School is a Coding Bootcamp started in 2013. The Hacking School helps solve personal pain points by finding production-ready product developers who could be deployed anytime as per project requirements.

Check out the hacking school website here.


Idea and inspiration behind the Hacking School

Meraj understood India’s Strong suit is Human Resource and thought of making it an asset. He believed that India should not be a consumer market for the creators of the rest of the world and hence wanted to introduce the young population of the country to technology education and making it effective through knowing the “power of creation” which would help the youth from not just being job seekers to becoming enterprising entrepreneurs and provide jobs to the hundreds & thousands of students graduating every year.

Check out the hacking school website here.


Challenges faced in the outset

The Hacking School Challenges

The most common challenge the company faced was an inevitable comparison to general training institutes. Meraj had to put in a lot of effort into educating people and making them understand about coding bootcamps.


Collaborations and Recent experiences

The company recently collaborated with iCollege Australia, which is an Australian based edutech company that helped the Hacking School launch their unique program in Australia.

With this collaboration, the coding Bootcamp graduates will now receive a diploma certificate in Software Engineering, which helped students get placed internationally.


Hitting the first Milestone

The Hacking School

The First Milestone of the company was getting job offers for their graduates in less than 30 days of graduation, which was a great validation for the program.

Another milestone for the company was getting a collaboration with a New York based college to help them design and deliver the program for their students.


The Hacking School – Growth and Vision

The Hacking School Vision

The company has flourished in no time, and Currently, with a team of 12 people, the company is observing a 40% y-o-y growth.

The company is growing both vertically and horizontally with recent collaborations and partnerships.

The company visions to produce a million gold-quality coders in the next five years through various collaboration and partnerships.

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Deepish Mahajan
Deepish Mahajan
An enthusiastic content writer with zeal and impetus to work towards excellence

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