How Mohan Kumar Santosh’s startup is eyeing on clients to create Digital Solutions

Being new to Digital marketing may appear to be overwhelming, but here in this article, where we will cover the story of how Mohan Kumar Santosh's startup is helping business clients to create Digital Solutions.

Digital Marketing has evolved, Human perspective on the act of promoting and selling products, and their services changed through leveraging Online marketing. Let’s uncover the story behind Santosh’s digital marketing startup.


The Journey Before Nimisha Digital Marketing

Mohan Kumar Santosh

Santosh started his career as a Technical Recruiter in an MNC, stepped out of it in 2012, Santosh started pursuing his Higher studies later joined Mysore University to pursue MSc in Statistics and joined a firm as Media Analyst, which gave a spark and turned out to be a turning point in his career by starting as content writer.


What Does the Startup Nimisha Digital Marketing do?

Nimisha Digital Marketing Pvt Ltd is a marketing form eyeing on the right from introducing the latest paths to clients to create Digital Marketing Solutions that make it simpler for the clients with the requirements to develop their business. As trusted digital marketing, web designing, and content writing agency, the startup assists in developing activity enhance marketing skill plans, and get worthy insights about the business clients.

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The idea and the Challenges in the Outset

Santosh believes in the ideology that challenges are necessary to grow as individuals and essential to improve our skills and polish up our talent with the zeal for work Santosh decided to start Nimisha Digital Marketing Pvt Ltd.

Santosh recently collaborated with a peer, knowing that they have a very different style regarding how to prioritize and organize work, Santosh came upon a solution on how they both could work best together, shows his ability to work openly with all type of people and welcome challenges with a smile.

Check out the Nimisha Digital Marketing platform here.


The First Milestone

Santosh stands different among the crowd not running in a rat race to earn money, Henceforth decided to start helping clients at affordable cost, began assisting clients with all the business requirements in two months.


Vision and Growth of the company

Team - Startup Nimisha Digital Marketing

Santosh started as a one-person division and has blossomed into a full-service creative and digital marketing agency. The company today thrives a unique, close-knit team with experts in all facets of Internet development, strategic and original content.

“The investor of today does not profit from yesterday’s growth.”

The company’s financial position tells the investors of its general well being. An economic analysis of a company’s financial statements -along with the footnotes in the two months report, the company has prospered well remarkably essential for any serious investor wanting to understand and value a company properly.

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