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Money Heist Bollywood Remake – A Delicious Rumour

Money Heist
Money Heist

La Casa de Papel or Money Heist is getting quite popular with its gripping script and the already hit 4th season. After the release of it, fans loaded the social media with its memes and various theories for the next season. The series offers thrill, tragedy, drama, and even romance on its every turn. This show keeps as at the edge of our seats with its intriguing storyline.

The secret of success of La Casa de Papel is its tricky storyline, along with its challenges and characters. The casts of the series have played their roles in a significant way. They are both exciting and lovable at the same time for the viewers. Many of the Indian fans are already against the Idea of Bollywood remake of the Spanish drama.

There were various rumors last year about Shah Rukh Khan is planning on remaking the Hindi version of the show. However, we received clarification that these are just rumors from King Khan himself in August last year.

Ayushman Khurrana as ‘Professor’ recently addressed by Sachin Tendulkar.

Recently, our cricket legend addressed Ayushman Khurrana, Bollywood actor, as ‘Professor’ in their Twitter interactions. The actor has previously expressed his interest in playing the role of ‘Professor’ in the Hindi remake of Money Heist. Now, it looks like the God of Cricket himself is favoring the actor for the character play of hit Spanish drama.

Red Chillies Entertainment has the right of Money Heist remake.

Red Chillies Entertainment

As if Shah Rukh Khan did eventually decide to remake the Hindi version on Money Heist, his production company recently bagged the rights of Hindi remake of the show. As he is very close to Netflix, the data content for him and his production company Red Chillies Entertainment would be readily available for him.

Red Chillies Entertainment now has the right of the Spanish drama La Casa de Papel remake. Initially, the show could be adapted just like a feature film. Further, depending on the fan response, they could turn it into a franchise. Those who are already a big fan of the show, you know there is already enough cult content in the series to crack the box office with its wits.

Why do we think Hindi Remake of the Money Heist would be a hit?

Director - Sriram Raghvan
Director – Sriram Raghvan

The franchise could not only become blockbuster within India but outside as well. Since the series already has over 50000 million fans, they won’t miss watching the short version of their favorite series anytime. To direct the Epic Heist, the production company has finalized Sriram Raghavan.

We could tell that Red Chillies Entertainment knows the potential of this remake quite well because of its massive fan following. They have received all the data as well as a courtesy of Netflix. According to the same, the show has over 50 million fans globally. And to bank this opportunity they would need a big start, and they already have one in their house.

Below are potential Bollywood actors who may play the role of Sergio, aka Professor in the Hindi remake of the Spanish drama.

Shah Rukh Khan as ‘Professor’

money heist

Shah Rukh Khan now has the rights of the remake and could choose to play whatever role he wants to play in the series. We know he would love the part of the ProfessorProfessor, who is the mastermind behind the heist. All his fans would go crazy if that happens. Additionally, his calmness would totally nail his role as Sergio. However, it seems like he is taking his time to select the character he wants to play.

Ayushmann Khurrana as ‘Professor’

He is one of the actors in Bollywood who is always ready to experiment with his work. As we already mentioned above in the article, the actor himself announced on Instagram that he would love to play the role of Sergio in the remake. In this post, we could see him taking the same look as Professor in the series.

Further, we began our hunt with fans and the internet to find out which other Bollywood actors could effortlessly nail the role of the Professor in the remake.

Here are some of the choices fans have made to play the character of our beloved Sergio.

Irrfan Khan as ‘Professor’

Irrfan Khan Money Heist

We already know that this actor could take any character and easily give his 100% to make it as realistic as he could on the big screen. Irrfan Khan has played many roles in his career but has never once disappointed his fans.

Manoj Bajpayee as ‘Professor’

Manoj Bajpayee Money Heist

We all know Manoj Bajpayee fully dedicates himself to any character he plays and gives us impressive results. That’s why fans believe that he could completely ace the role of Sergio.

Hrithik Roshan as ‘Professor’

Hrithik Roshan Money Heist

Fan of the actor calls him the Greek God of Bollywood because of his fitness, face cut, and personality. Supporters believe that he could play the role of Professor very well while also giving the character his various twist.

Aamir Khan as ‘Professor’

Aamir Khan Money Heist

Fans believe that Aamir is one of the only superstars who could easily play the role of the common man that makes cider for a living but is also a mastermind behind the biggest heist in glasses.

We will now have to wait for the official announcement for the Hindi remake of Money Heist by Red Chillies Entertainment. But we would love to know your opinion on the Hindi remake of Money Heist and who you would choose to see in the role of Professor and other characters.