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Muskan Ahuja’s Startup Story: Risata – The perfect place for all your sugary cravings!

Let's uncover the entrepreneurial journey of Muskan Ahuja and discover how she turned 'Risata' into the perfect place for all
Risata by Muskan Ahuja

The Founder- Muskan Ahuja!

Muskan Ahuja’s entrepreneurial journey started back in 2016 when she founded ‘Risata’. At this time she was just 18 years old. As Muskan describes, Risata was her childhood dream. As soon as she finished an 18-day diploma from CCDS, she chose to start Risata. All this took place right after high school.

As she was an A-grade student, she didn’t want to compromise her studies. Hence, she pursued English Lit. from the Hindu College. And side by side, she was working on Risata.  She wanted to learn more and more skills. So, she even served as a chief Instructor at CCDS for over one year.

Muskan during her diploma course at the Lavonne Academy of Baking Science and Pastry Arts in Bangalore
Muskan, during her diploma course at the Lavonne Academy of Baking Science and Pastry Arts in Bangalore

Soon after completing her graduation, she went to Lavonne Academy of Baking Science and Pastry Arts in Bangalore for a diploma course in baking. Thereafter, she trained at Amande Patisserie in Bangalore. Isn’t her devotion commendable!

Check out Muskan’s Instagram feed, and you’ll surely crave for some luscious desserts. Her page flaunts her love for baking!

Check out the Instagram page here.

Risata by Muskan!

RIsata by Muskan Ahuja

In case you have a sweet tooth. Then, Risata is the perfect place for you. Risata aspires to create high quality and customized desserts for people across Delhi and NCR. Besides yummy desserts, they equally focus on sustaining taste, hygiene, and health.

Talking about Risata, Muskan said-

“We consider every event special, and hence our main focus is to customize the dessert as much as possible. From the flavor to the fruits that go in the cake and from the exact color to the kind of flower, customers get to choose absolutely everything to create a personalized cake for their loved ones.”

She further said that neither her products use chemicals nor they are frozen for long times.

Besides, Risata has also expanded its menu over the years. They are still trying to add more international desserts on their list.

The Vision, Idea, and Inspiration behind Risata!

Muskan Ahuja

Muskan’s idea behind Risata was to address the need in the society for healthier and eggless variants of desserts, which are fresh and hygienically prepared. Besides, Risata also offers customization.

Talking about her inspiration, she said-

“What inspires us to go ahead with this idea is the belief in the fact that this is indeed a fantastic service to offer to society. For me, desserts have always been an indispensable part of my life. Thus, I want to share my love and passion with those around me. “

In simple words, Muskan’s vision for Risata is to create an establishment that can bring high quality and sophisticated desserts to the general masses and revamp the way the middle classes consume sweets. Moreover, the quality will never be compromised.

Challenges faced on the outset!

Muskan Ahuja - Risata

Unlike any startup, Risata also faced multiple challenges in its initial days. Right from saving funds to re-invest them into the business, to coping with some of the big players in the market, they have experienced it all.

To point out, the biggest challenge was to initially get the message across to the people as to why their products are different and better.

Muskan Ahuja - Risata

Also, as their products are home-made and highly customized, the prices are high in comparison to other bakeries. So, they had a hard time convincing people to be okay with the high price range.

Soon, when people started trying their desserts, they noticed the difference. Thus, the path became somewhat more manageable.

Collaborations and Partnerships!

RIsata by Muskan Ahuja

Muskan worked at CCDS for one year. And that year was probably the best one for her. As she got a chance to work with like-minded people, thus, she ended up learning a lot from there.

However, she partnered with other home baker friends for putting up stalls and bake sales at carnivals and fests. She is looking forward to more and more collaborations.

First Milestone and Current Growth Status!

risata by muskan

When we asked Muskan about the first milestone that she achieved, she said-

“I think my first milestone was pulling off a bake sale single-handedly, and totally killing it. Till then, I had only put up stalls in collaborations; and was not really sure of my skills.”

As of now, Risata is preparing to be a cloud kitchen. Muskan is planning to rent a commercial space to expand production. Also, they are looking forward to making deliveries via Zomato and Swiggy.

Muskan’s current vision is to have a bigger and better hold of the market.