Zomato launches Contactless Dining after Contactless Delivery

To curb COVID-19 in this nationwide lockdown, the Gurgaon based unicorn food tech startup, Zomato has now launched 'The Contactless Dining.'


COVID-19 pandemic has taken the entire world by storm. In this nationwide lockdown, everyone is locked in the homes, eagerly waiting for their lives to get back to normal.

To curb COVID-19, the Gurgaon based unicorn food tech startup, Zomato has now launched ‘The Contactless Dining.’

The company earlier launched the concept of Contactless Delivery and now Contactless Dining. All of this intends to minimize the customer’s contact with the other things in their vicinity so that they don’t get infected.

Contactless Dining- All you need to know about this new launch!

Zomato aims at a full-stack technology-enabled Dining contact. It includes minimal risk to the health and safety of an individual.

What does this Dining include?

  1. Contactless Menu:– All you need to do is to scan the QR code on the dining table to check out the menu. It will also provide you the names of dishes and their pairing recommendations.
  2. Contactless Ordering:– The next step is to order your food through the app. Any communication with the staff is eliminated.
  3. Contactless Payment:– After you are done finishing your food, pay your dues via online transactions on the app, and now you can exit. 

This procedure removes the things of mutual contacts like the menu card, bill books, etc. The staff, who will deliver you your order will be wearing proper masks and gloves. High sanitization standards will be maintained. 

Zomato further includes in their statement that they are still planning to add more features on their app to provide a hassle-free dining experience.

The team further said that they would make the entire process a lot faster and seamless. They are also adding more safety features on their app to maintain high safety measure like :

  1. Hand Sanitization: Providing alcohol-based sanitizers to the customers in the venue.
  2. Food Hygiene: To ensure that all the materials used in cooking are cleaned thoroughly.
  3. Sanitized Premises: To ensure regular cleaning and sanitization of the place takes place.
  4. Temperature Check of the Staff: Temperature check of the staff will be done daily.
  5. Staff Hygiene and Awareness: Staff will be taught about all the mandatory precautions and safety measures.
  6. Table Layout: The authorities need to arrange tables at a proper distance.

Stay safe and take all the mandatory precautions!

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