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My Jio App: All functionalities explained.

Reliance Industries have described their ergonomic app MyJio as a gateway to digital life. True to their words, MyJio app comprises of lots of uses.

Article Index:

1. Introduction

2. What are the different uses of the MyJio app?

3. What are the most prominent features of the MyJio app?

3.1 Quick Log-in option for all Reliance Jio subscribers

3.2 The presence of Jio Pay and Other Payments Linking Setup

3.3 The ergonomic Jio assistant

3.4 The JioCare customer support

3.5 Additional settings present in the app

4. How many different applications does MyJio comprise in total?

5. So, is MyJio app the best app available out there?

1. Introduction:

Nowadays, most of the network providers have made it easy for their customers to perform essential functions related to their SIM cards. At one point in time, checking simple things related to the SIM was difficult for everyone.

These simple things included checking the expiration date, talk-time balance, and the data balance. But today, due to the arrival of these apps, it has been very much easy for customers to check these simple things.

Other than this, these applications have made it easier for customers to check out various offers and recharge their numbers according to the plans. Even the companies use these applications to let know the arrival of their different products and offers. These applications serve as a launchpad to them.

Now you guys will be wondering which was the pioneer network provider to start such services? It was none other than Reliance’s Jio network provider. And the reason it started this type of application has paid dividends to the company, as today its application MyJio app has become the most popular app amongst the people.

It is tough to find any customer of Jio who doesn’t house this MyJio app on his smartphone. It comprises of lots of user-friendly features and is very comfortable to use. It acts as the all-in-one application and provides many services such as cinema, music, Jiocloud, voice feature, online shopping services other than the standard recharge services.

Who would want to miss such lucrative services in a single app, right? So, now, let us discuss the prominent features of this praiseworthy app below.

2. What are the different uses of the MyJio app?

Reliance Industries have described their ergonomic app MyJio as a gateway to digital life. True to their words, MyJio app comprises of lots of uses. With the help of the MyJio app, customers can view their daily data balance and can manage their accounts whenever the expiry nears by choosing a recharge plan from the lucrative offers available on the app.

You can also view other eminent details such as the validity of your plan, the usage of your call, message, and data and can also generate a detailed statement of your usage for six months.

The app also helps you in locating the nearby available stores or the JioNet hotspots and also presents you with the option of updating your registered mobile number or email-ID. The most lucrative feature of the app is that it houses a virtual assistant, ‘Hello Jio,’ which provides a solution for all your problems.

3. What are the most prominent features of the MyJio app?

MyJio app consists of a lot of lucrative features. Some of them get discussed below:

3.1 Quick Log-in option for all Reliance Jio subscribers:

If you are using a Jio sim, then you do not have to go through the long process of logging into the MyJio app. You can straightaway start using the app by simply opening the app and skipping away from the unnecessary stuff. Alternatively, Jio Users can also login to the app by using their JioID or the simple OTP method.

3.2 The presence of Jio Pay and Other Payments Linking Setup:

The exciting feature of the MyJio app is that the presents itself with a payment integration called JioPay. You can access this payment integration by paying to any of the recharge options presented in the app.

Moreover, you can also link your payment wallets like Paytm, PhonePe, JioMoney, and other UPI wallets. In addition to this, the app also provides an option of Jio Autopay, which can get used for hassle-free payments while you are using to recharge your number.

3.3 The ergonomic Jio assistant:

Just like ‘Hello Google,’ when you utter the words ‘Hello Jio,’ the ever-active Jio voice assistant will greet you. This voice assistant helps you in solving simple queries or other questions related to customer service or recharge options.

3.4 JioCare customer support:

The most significant and useful section one can find in the MyJio app is the JioCare support. This section will guide you in creating videos and also helps you in providing answers for some of the most asked questions by customers.

It also houses helpful tips and tricks regarding various services of Jio. In case of emergency, you can also connect with the Jio care experts who are always ready to solve your queries. Additionally, you can also raise a service request for troubleshooting your device by visiting the JioCare section.

3.5 Additional settings present in the app:

There are a few more features that are present in the Settings section of the MyJio app. You can customize your Jio account and also your profile. You can set the Do Not Disturb preferences and enable the DND toggle for the promotional messages you wish to receive.

The setting section also assists you in managing your JioFi and Jio Fiber devices efficiently. You can also toggle the options present in international roaming.

4. How many different applications does MyJio comprise in total?

MyJio app comprises of a total of 15 apps. These apps represent many categories, such as music, entertainment, security, online shopping, and many more. The apps which MyJio app houses are as follows:

4.1 Jio Music: This section of the app provides you with the latest and evergreen HD songs. It also presents you with the option of downloading these songs and listen to them later offline.

4.2 JioCinema: This section of the app also gets referred to as the JioOnDemand app. This section comprises of HD Movies, news, Trailers, music videos, and TV shows. It also provides you the option of downloading your favorite movies and watch it later on your device.

4.3 JioMags: This section of the app provides access to premium and renowned Magazines.

4.4 JioXpressNews: This section of the app provides access to news in your local language from 100s of sources. You can even read this news offline by downloading it.

4.5 JioChat: This section of the app is a kind of social platform which lets you connect with your friends. This app is identical to other social networking chat platforms like WhatsApp, Hike, and others. It has similar features like these apps, such as chatting, audio calls, and video calls.

4.6 Jio4GVoice: This section of the app lets you experience authentic 4G HD voice and video calling.

4.7 JioMoney: This section of the app has launched for providing the experience of cash-free living. Additionally, you can grab many offers by using JioMoney for online payments and transactions.

4.8 JioNewsPaper: This section of the app presents you with 200+ Indian and Regional Newspapers in 10+ languages.

4.9 Ajio: This section of the app presents you with a stylish shopping experience.

4.10 JioSecurity: This section of the app provides help for customers from millions of malicious apps. By using this app, you can secure your details as well as online transactions. The noteworthy feature of this app is that it helps you in locating your mobile phone if it gets stolen or misused.

4.11 JioCloud or JioDrive: This section of the app helps you in backing up all your photos, music, video, and documents.

4.12 JioTV: This section of the app presents you with live TV shows and movies and houses around 400+ TV channels, including 60+ HD channels across 15 languages and ten genres.

4.13 NetVelocity: This section of the app assists you in testing your real-time internet speed and network status.

4.14 JioNet: Using this app helps you in locating and connecting to the nearest JioNet hotspot available.

4.15 JioSwitch: This app provides the fastest way to transfer data between phones. Moreover, it also supports data transfer Android and iOS without any data limits.

5. So, is MyJio app the best app available out there?

Yes, precisely. The UI of the app is beautiful and is quite mediocre, which makes it easy to use. But the app comprises of lots of repetitions which are unnecessary. These repetitions might harm the work process of the app, and Jio has to think of a way to get rid of them.

Though apps such as JioChat and JioDrive are not getting popular amongst the masses as apps such as WhatsApp and Dropbox are already popular. Still, other apps such as Jio Music, Jio On Demand, and Jio Play are popular because of their upbeat content and attractive features.

The presence of other creative apps such as JioSpeed and JioMags also places the MyJio app very ahead in front of its competitors. Moreover, all the content offered in these apps is free for a Jio customer. Amazing, isn’t it?