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New Zealand: Acclaimed World Leader for handling COVID-19 is now dealing with a Fresh Outbreak

New Zealand

New Zealand now has 17 cases, which prompted the country to put its dense cities under lockdown. Authorities are now trying to trace the sources of the fresh outbreak. New Zealand now has 36 active COVID cases, including imported causes. In total, a total of 1238 cases and 22 deaths were reported by the country.

The authorities are now warning its people that the cases will most likely increase. The Prime Minister of New Zealand Jacinda Ardern said that the COVID cluster grows before it slows at a news conference.

Reintroduction of Coronavirus Restrictions in New Zealand

Ardern was prompted to reintroduce the measure to combat coronavirus after a family of four tested positives. The family in Auckland had no history of overseas travel or any connection with known cases. On Thursday, new 13 locally transmitted cases were announced by Dr. Ashley Bloomfield, Director General of Health, New Zealand. Reportedly, all the new cases were connected with the initial four instances.

The cause of the latest outbreak remains still unknown to the New Zealand authorities. They have also used genome sequencing (1) to find the link between the cases; however, nothing was found.

The new cluster of coronavirus has come when the national elections are weeks away. The election is scheduled on September 19, and the parliament was set to dissolve on Wednesday. However, it is now postponed by Ardern until August 17. The announcement of whether the election will go ahead as scheduled or not is yet to be made.

She said that our response to the virus had worked so far. It opened the economy of our country as well as our community. It gave us the freedom that we embraced. We would all like to get back there as soon as possible. She further requested that our success will rely on all of us working together.