Nitesh Garg – ClanKart Founder

The ClanKart Team - Nitesh Garg (Left)
The ClanKart Team – Nitesh Garg (Left)

Nitesh Garg was born and raised in Bathinda. He completed his bachelor’s with specialization in Web Technologies, SEO, and Marketing from Giani Zail Singh Campus College of Engineering & Technology’, Bathinda. Nitesh Garg is a computer science engineer with an ardor for entrepreneurship. He initiated Clankart as a college project, but after getting an outstanding response, he drove his college project to his dream startup.

ClanKart – A liberal platform for students

Clankart is a free e-commerce website designed as a liberal platform for students which allows students to buy, sell or donate study materials such as books, notes, drafters, lab coats, etc. between them inside their college campus without any middle’s man commission.

Nitesh shares his experience back in college when he realized how students require lots of notes, books, uniforms, lab coats, and drafters just for one or and two semesters, and later the upcoming juniors need that same material.

Nitesh realized how the only option for students is to either sell their used stuff to rag pickers or approach booksellers who barely pay them the actual worth and sell them with higher prices. They generally buy these items at half of the amount and sell them at 55 to 65 percent profit. Thus he stepped in to bring out Clankart, a platform that tosses out the intermediaries from the transactions, making it a win situation for both the parties.

Check out the ClanKart platform here.

Inspiration for ClanKart

ClanKart was actually designed a college project but Nitesh soon realized that the platform started to receive a brilliant response from the students and thus Nitesh decided to turn this project into his dream startup with a vision to empower every student in the college to connect independently with buyers and sellers online.

The Challange

Nitesh Garg in his interview with TimesNext shared the challenges he had to face during his journey. According to Nitesh:

  • The main problem was to cognize the concept among the students.
  • The student community is not much-enlightened in trading their proximity.
  • The students are accustomed to the conventional ‘bazaar-based’ trading. Such dissemination of the idea itself among students was a significant drawback.

ClanKart’s growth and achievements

Clankart recently launched a new feature – Clankart Teleports. This feature offers a secure buying and selling experience to all clients by allowing the users to sell their used books in the whole country with full security of the payment. The seller receives the payment only after the buyer receives the books. According to him, Teleport was the first great milestone achieved by ClanKart.

According to Nitesh, Clankart is currently growing at the perfect pace and they are planning to add more functionalities and drilling-down to more categories soon.

The Vision

Nitesh Garg explained how Clankart’s vision is to empower every student in the college to connect independently with buyers and sellers online. Nitesh says that he will keep adding new features and improve the Clankart’s overall user experience with time.

Check out the ClanKart platform here.

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