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Ola's Electric Bike Expansion Reaches Delhi and Hyderabad, Promising 10,000 EVs in 2 Months

Ola's electric bike service is now available in Delhi and Hyderabad, with plans to deploy 10,000 EVs in just 2 months. Discover Ola's broader vision, diversification efforts, and commitment to sustainable mobility.

Ride-hailing giant Ola is making significant strides in the electric vehicle (EV) landscape, with the recent launch of its ebike service in Delhi and Hyderabad. This expansion marks a crucial step in Ola's grand plan to deploy over 10,000 EVs in these two cities within the next two months, while also setting its sights on further nationwide expansion by year-end.

Building an Electric Future

Beyond the mere introduction of ebikes, Ola is dedicated to building a robust charging network in all the new territories it enters. This move underscores Ola's unwavering commitment to promoting sustainable mobility solutions and reducing the carbon footprint.

Success in Bengaluru Sparks Nationwide Rollout

Ola's ebike service initially took flight in Bengaluru, where it managed to capture a remarkable 40% market share in the ebike category in just three months since its launch in September 2023. The service has facilitated an impressive 17.5 Lakh rides via its ebikes and established a network of 200 charging stations across Bengaluru to support its rapidly expanding fleet.

Affordable and Accessible

In a bid to make electric mobility accessible to a wider audience, Ola has strategically priced its ebike service at an enticing rate of INR 25 for every 5 kilometers. This pricing model aligns perfectly with Ola's overarching mission of catering to the transportation needs of 100 Crore (1 billion) Indians.

Ola's Broader Vision

Under the leadership of its newly-appointed CEO Hemant Bakshi, Ola Mobility is not limiting its growth to the realm of mobility alone. The company recently celebrated a significant milestone, achieving profitability in its India mobility business with a 'segment-adjusted' EBITDA of INR 250 Crores in FY23.

Beyond Mobility to Commerce

Ola's vision extends far beyond the boundaries of mobility. Leveraging its extensive user base of over 130 million customers, partnerships with Ola Electric, and synergies in financial services, Ola is poised to expand its presence in both mobility and commerce domains, promising an exciting future.

Diversification Efforts

Ola's diversification strategy is in full swing, with initiatives like the launch of Ola Parcel, an all-electric on-demand delivery service, collaborations with the ONDC for last-mile deliveries, and even experimenting with food delivery features within its ride-hailing app.

Multi-Work Opportunities

The ebike model presents Ola with a versatile opportunity, allowing delivery partners to engage in various use cases such as parcel delivery, food, and grocery delivery during their slack periods, enhancing their income potential.

Aiming for 500 Million EV Rides

Ola Mobility has set audacious goals, aiming to facilitate a staggering 500 million EV rides in the coming year. This bold ambition aligns perfectly with the company's commitment to providing sustainable and eco-friendly transportation solutions.

Progress in Financial Services

While Ola has made notable progress in financial services, including payments and lending, it continues to grapple with the challenge of losses. Despite reducing its consolidated net loss significantly in FY23, the company remains determined to address this issue head-on.

Financial Performance

ANI Technologies, the parent company of Ola, reported a substantial reduction in net losses in FY23, coupled with a remarkable 42% year-on-year surge in sales. These figures indicate a positive trajectory in the company's financial performance.