OLA: The New Food Delivery Application

Following the path of their Arch rival, "Uber" OLA is now ready to participate in the new competition, and it is nothing else but Food delivery. YES, on Friday, OLA launches its food delivery application named as OLA cafe in 4 metros cities, including Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Hyderabad.

OLA (1) is one of the leading competitors in the Cab-hailing business. Millions of customers operate OLA in nearly 250+ cities across India, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK. Under the experience of CEO Bhavish Aggarwal and Ankit Bhati, OLA has established them as the best in the business. However, this lockdown has affected every industry, and the same has happened with OLA. According to sources, OLA’s revenue has decreased by nearly 95% in the past two months. Moreover, the industry is still struggling to get back into business with a lot of expectations.

The reason mentioned above is one of the biggest reasons why OLA is now looking to step into different industries, including food delivery and OLA money. The industry is on the same path as their arch-rivals Uber. Recently OLA food delivery, also named OLA Cafe, has started in 4 metro cities of India.

Food delivery as an option

The real question that arises here now, “Is food delivery a bad option?” And the answer to this question is “NO.” Keeping the modern time in mind, food delivery is one of the most excellent options available. Apart from that, OLA already has a vast customer base that will surely help the franchise boost during the business’s initial stage.

Besides this, most people nowadays prefer to order food online during their working hours, which will help OLA enter this new market quickly. OLA has already earned customers’ reliability and trust over the years, which will help the company gain more customers than their competitors. 

In the absence of Uber eats, OLA can gain success in less time, and outcomes are expected to be huge. Moreover, the Indian population is now totally focused on giving more importance to Indian brands, which can be critical to OLA’s success. Independent India is the new trend, and it is high time for OLA to get attention by promoting its new facility locally and internationally.


Advantages to local customer

OLA Cafe will bring many advantages to the local audience and food as more people will get employment under the OLA cafe’s banner. OLA has already contributed a lot to Indian employment, and OLA Cafe will provide more work to India’s local audience. However, this lockdown has been a rough time for every company. Covid-19 is the main reason OLA has to free a few of its employees, but they have ensured that they will get full help in health care, finance, and security. Moreover, OLA has also given them a salary of 3 months before laying them off. OLA has also promised that the remaining staff will get the full tenure, and all the action will be taken after a 1:1 conversation with the employee and HR department.

People who lost their jobs during this pandemic can get help and employment with the help of OLA Cafe. Earnings will automatically rise when registered OLA riders deliver food, which will be a good aspect for them personally. Here’s the list of the area where OLA Cafe is activated.

Bangalore – Indiranagar, Koramangala, JP Nagar, MG Road, Brookefield, Whitefield, Bellandur

Hyderabad – Hitech City, Gachibowli, Madhapur, Jubilee Hills, KPHB

Delhi – Rajouri Garden, Dwarka, Greater Kailash, Janakpuri, Pitampura, Saket, Defence Colony

Mumbai – Powai, Bandra West, Andheri West, Lower Parel, Nariman Point, Vashi, Borivali West, Santacruz & Juhu


More features on the OLA app

Other than OLA cab and OLA cafe, one more aspect is known as OLA Money. OLA money can help you in paying your expenses and bill. Also, you can make the necessary transactions. OLA money also has an OLA wallet where you can keep your funds secure and safe. You can use this fund while booking OLA rides or Ordering from OLA Cafe. OLA doesn’t apply any additional charges during the transfer, and funds are transferred effectively and efficiently. 

Great offers and cashback are available on OLA money, which will be directly transferred to your bank account or your OLA wallet. 

By unlocking all these features, OLA is trying to control most Indian markets and gain a large profit. 

OLA rides, OLA Cafe, and OLA money together make OLA unique from any other app in the world. This also helps OLA to take a step ahead of the market competitors. 


Expectations by customers 

As discussed, OLA has a vast customer base, and a large customer base brings pressure and more expectations for the company. This customer base creates a significant stress on OLA’s customer service, and till now, their service centers have delivered the best possible results. 

OLA has established OLA Cafe in only four cities, but the rest cities are still expecting OLA Cafe to be open soon. Restaurants and food hubs are also hoping to collaborate with OLA Cafe as quickly as possible, leading to a great combination. 

As OLA is stepping into something new, customers have whole new expectations from the same. Customers are eager to see new offers that the OLA cafe is going to present.

To Sum up, Stepping into the food business is a great initiative taken by OLA, and they have chosen the right time to step into food delivery. Lockdown was a difficult period for every company, and this is the main reason why even a large, settled company like OLA faced a revenue crisis. Still, it is now high time for them to take this initiative. Less competition can surely help them to gain massive profits and a vast customer base. To dominate the food field, OLA should make sure to make regular changes and create more beneficial offers for the customer to attract them.

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