OYO founder, Ritesh Agarwal speaks about the recent Hotel Protest

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Ritesh Agarwal, the founder of Oyo, speaks on Hotel protest after being charged with two FIRs this year. Oyo has over 18k hotels in India and South Asia. The company has been held responsible for exploiting practices and deep discounting.


Oyo Hotels and Rooms

Oyo claims to have 18k hotels and around about 2.70 Lakh rooms in India and South Asia. Still, now it seems to have an unhealthy business relation with few hotel partners as they are unhappy with the Oyo rules, regulations, and policy. In India, the hotel partners have a lack of contentment with Oyo’s contract and protesting against the company. Many hotel owners like, Federation of Hotel and Restaurant Associations of India says that they have been exploiting the practices, providing deep discounts, having unpaid payments, non-legit contract, and charging high commissions.


Statement of Ritesh Agarwal 

Since Oyo has been facing a few obstacles and continues handling the protest from the hotel owners, Ritesh Agarwal stated that contracts would come to an end with the hotel partners because of quality issues arising. Also, in an interview with Ritesh Agarwal, it came out that those protests are from Industry groups, not hotels so that they can use the situation for increasing the property rates. 

In conversation with ET, addressing the issues, Ritesh Agarwal stated that restaurant owners and organizations were not even associated with Oyo in any way.


Hotel owners accusation 

Two hotels from Bengaluru also have filed an FIR against Ritesh Agarwal. One of the complaints filed last month on issues of not paying the inflexible revenue of INR 7 lakh each month as per the contract. In September, two executives and hotel owner accused Oyo under the charge of cheating and criminal breach of trust. The series of protests against Oyo started in August. 

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