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Pakistan: We are not threatened by India’s Rafale Jet, Ready for any aggression


Pakistan Amy is not concerned about India’s latest Rafale jets and is ready for any aggression. Major General Babar Iftikhar, Director General of the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR), made the claims at a press conference. He also spoke about several issues regarding the internal and external security of Pakistan (1).

He made the statement and added that ISPR has no doubt in their capacity and are ready for any aggression when asked about Pakistan’s recent threats posed by Rafale jets that India recently purchased.

India Receiving Five or 500 Rafale Jets Won’t Make Any Difference to Pakistan.

India has shown its insecurities from how they have covered the journey of five Rafales from France to India. Nevertheless, they receive 5 or 500 jets. We are fine, ready, and confident in our capabilities. We have proven our skills so far, and those jets won’t make any difference, says the Major.

He further added that the balance of the region is affected due to India’s high military spending. When discussing the defense spending of Pakistan, he said that it is going “down” consistently.

India’s defense spending and budget compared to Pakistan are affecting the balance of the region, says the Iftikhar. The Major General further told that the international community must look into this as things are going into another domain. He added that let India bring Rafales or S-400, we are prepared and ready to answer everything.

India’s Rafale aircraft is capable of carrying several weapons. It has given India’s air power a strategic aid in lights of recent tension with China and Pakistan.