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Emerging Trends: Performance Beer, Digital Decor, and Cars, a New Personal Space

From post-workout beer to cars as a new personal space, these trends offer businesses a wide range of capitalization opportun

Post-workout Beer

As per Keywords Everywhere, thousands of people are searching for ‘drink beer post workout’ monthly. It has fermented a new class of post-workout beers looking to replace our conventional sports-themed beverages, including Monsters, Red Bull, and Gatorade.

Post-workout Beer

Yes, you have heard us right. Breweries worldwide have started developing low-level alcohol performance beers infused with electrolytes and superfood ingredients to combat the intense exercise’s dehydrating effects.

The idea of alcohol associating with an athlete may seem counterintuitive, and it certainly should not replace water. However, breweries have incorporated electrolytes and even bee pollen and buckwheat to ameliorate dehydrating damage to the body.

According to the Brewer Association, the space is still small and presents only 1% of the craft beer market, 13% of the total market. However, they estimate that there are signs of growth. There is some appeal to millennials looking to consume few calories, and they may put down their hard seltzer with a light flavored beer. Indicating a considerable potential to piggyback on the more significant low-alcohol movement (1).

The wellness beer trend has been bubbling up for a few years now, starting with the first of its kind probiotic beer, developed in Singapore back in 2017. Researchers brewed up a beer containing probiotic bacteria that helps to neutralize toxins, improve gut health, and boost the immune system (2).

Since then, businesses have expanded to include blueberries, bee pollen, goji berries, rose hips, purple sweet potatoes, chia seeds, flaxseed, oats, spelt, and quinoa.

Here are some beers worth sampling.

Zelus BEER. Co. Weekender

It is a German-style lager that is 5.3% ABV. It is crisp and lightly hopped with Hallertau to accentuate the malt flavor. It is bolstered with sodium, potassium, and calcium salts to promote body recharge.

Harpoon Brewery Rec, League

The beer is deceptively hazy and light. It is among the brand’s best-performing labels with 4% ABV, fortified with antioxidant-rich chia seeds, protein-packed buckwheat kasha, and sea salt.

Avery Brewing Pacer IPA

The juicy, dry-hopped beer doubles down on oats, wheat, and some exotic hops from the southern hemisphere while weighing in at 4.5% ABV, 3.5 carbs, and 100 calories.

Mispillion River Brewing War Possum

It is called a ‘sports Berliner’ because it is infused with strawberry and lemonade flavored electrolytes. It is tart and sour at 5% ABV.

Boulevard Easy Sport

It is often known as a ‘Rally ale,’ this 99 calorie, 4.1% ABV beer from Kansas City is piled with electrolytes during and after the fermentation. The tangerine peels offer a slightly tart finish.

Entrepreneurs still have an opportunity to get in early on the post-workout booze trend. One can expand to include wines, ciders, spirits, and hard seltzer.

One can also combine the trend with a boozy popsicle trend to offer a healthy frozen treat to celebrate finishing that intense workout session (3).

Since we should not drink alcoholic beverages on an empty stomach, one can pair them with protein-rich cookies, bars, healthy chips, chocolates, etc. One can also offer roasted or even flavored lentils, seeds, and buckwheat with their beers.

As more and more consumers become health-conscious, more food and beverage products strive to keep up, including alcohol. More and more bars offer healthier choices made of vitamin-rich vegetables like beets, carrots, cucumber, and antioxidant rich fruits such as mangoes, pomegranates, and berries. Entrepreneurs can also leverage it not only on beer but also on wine, water, tea, and other alcoholics, non-alcoholic beverages.

We believe that the special taste bud treat with keeping health in mind will only increase in the upcoming years.

Digital Decor for Digital Homes

Phone decor is rapidly emerging as the new digital home decor as our lives are increasingly migrating online. Interest in digital interior design elements from lock screens to home screens to wallpapers layout is rising.

Digital Decor

While searches for both mobile and laptop aesthetic wallpapers are coming high from their September 2020 peaks, 440K and 160k monthly searches, respectively, interest is still high at more than 100k searches per month each.

According to Keywords Everywhere, other popular topics include ‘ios 14 home screen ideas with more than 201k searches per month, ‘ios 14 widget ideas’ more than 18.1k searches per month, ‘funny lock screen’ with more than 9.9k searches, ‘wallpaper maker app’ with over 2.4k searches, and ‘make iPhone wallpaper’ with more than 1.9k searches.

According to a CNBC report (4), iPhone users use the latest iOS (version 14) update to customize their home screen with photo boxes, new icons, and even entire color schemes, released in September 2020. Over the same weekend, iPhone customization went viral. A TikTok video titled, ‘How to make your iOS 14 home screen aesthetic AF’ had more than 24 million views by Monday.

Katarina Mogus, who made the viral TikTok video, and the founder of En Flique Creative, an advisory company that helps businesses and brands to stand out on social media, stated that she was in her room sitting and thinking that she loved the new feature. She would love to share it with everyone and teach others how to make their iPhone screens look more esthetic.

She also knew her followers would appreciate it since most of her followers are typically interested in customization and related features. Apart from the state videos, other customization tutorials she posted over time also have millions of views on TikTok.

The customization craze drove downloads to an all-time high during the same period. People are using the new feature to replace all the icons on their home screen.

Widgetsmith, an app Mogus used for her tutorials, went to the top free app on Apple’s App Store in the United States. The app developer, David Smith, tweeted that time that ‘Widgetsmith went viral on TikTok, a phrase he didn’t even understand, but it had a rather robust result on his life at the time.’

Notably, Widgetsmith offers a free basic version and offers a premium version for 2 USD per month or 20 USD per year with additional features. According to an estimate from Sensor Tower, an app analytics company, users have downloaded it over two million times since its launch.

Apart from TikTok, even Instagram has an immense following and tags for tags like #aestheticwallpaper with over 211k posts, #wallpaperdecor with over 532k posts, and over 919k posts for #hdwallpapers.

One can also leverage the trend to promote his product. For instance, one can offer wallpapers for dream destinations for a travel brand or food porn-inspired lock screens for those in the food and beverage segment.

With NFTs, non-fungible tokens, and digital art taking center stage, now might be the perfect time to capitalize on the trend.

Entrepreneurs can offer a turnkey digital design platform that offers NFT wallpapers, home screen layouts, lock screens, and widget design ideas.

Cars, the New Personal Space

Pinterest search interests for ‘car date night’ have increased two times in last year.


In addition to this, there has also been rising search interest in other car-related terms. It includes a 115% year-on-year increase in searches for ‘car man cave,’ 190% increase in search interests for ‘drive-in-cinema,’ 100% increase in searches for ‘dog car seats,’ and 60% increase in ‘car survival kits.’

According to Pinterest, ‘cars will become the new ‘third place’ for everything in 2021 (5).

Why now? Reports suggest that people prefer their own vehicles over shared transportation and public places to ensure safety in light of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. They are considering it as a safeguard against infection spread and risk (6).

Businesses can help people to bring their creature comforts into their cars. Auto brands can highlight next-level luxuries such as surround round, message seats, or a panoramic sunroof.

If you are a household brand, you can also share handy everyday items such as wet wipes, pillows, lip balm, or hand sanitizer to keep in the vehicle. If you are into the food and beverage game, you can also promote on-the-go snacks and drinks.

While wellness brands can also offer Zen options like car diffusers, pet brands can offer products to make vehicles more hospitable for our furry friends.

It is worth highlighting that according to Keywords Everywhere, ‘car diffusers’ attracts over 30k searches per month. According to Jungle Scout, a car diffuser called ‘Tree of Life’ with aromatherapy essential oils brings over 75k USD per month (7).

Meanwhile, car insurance companies can emphasize the importance of insurance to people about their new fancy car cave.

Entrepreneurs and brands can also capitalize by offering a subscription service for monthly card dates, including movie nights, picnics, glamping, and scavenger hunts.

And since more than half of the population across the globe prefers a personal vehicle, we are not seeing the trend dying anytime soon.