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Policybazaar Expands Into Reinsurance Sector With Enhanced Licence Approval

Policybazaar secures regulatory approval to enter the reinsurance sector, signaling a strategic shift towards enhancing insurance penetration and risk management in India. Explore how Policybazaar's upgraded license enables innovation and growth in the insurance ecosystem.

Policybazaar, a subsidiary of PB Fintech, has secured in-principle approval from the insurance regulator to upgrade its license, enabling its entry into the reinsurance sector. This strategic move reflects Policybazaar's commitment to enhancing insurance penetration in India through technology-driven innovation and expanded reinsurance capacity.

Enhanced Licence Approval:

IRDAI has granted in-principle approval to Policybazaar Insurance Brokers Private Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of PB Fintech, for upgrading its license from Direct Insurance Broker to Composite Insurance Broker under IRDAI Regulations, 2018. This milestone enables Policybazaar to venture into the reinsurance business, leveraging technology, process control, and data analytics to deepen insurance penetration in the country.

Role of Reinsurance Companies:

Reinsurance companies play a crucial role in aggregating policies for insurers, enabling risk spreading and accommodating customers with coverage limits that might be challenging to manage independently. Policybazaar's entry into the reinsurance sector signifies a strategic move towards enhancing risk management and fostering a conducive business environment.

Regulatory Amendments to Promote Reinsurance Operations:

IRDAI's amendments to reinsurance regulations aim to promote a favorable business environment and attract more reinsurers to establish operations in India. This regulatory support underscores the importance of reinsurance in strengthening the insurance ecosystem and mitigating risks effectively.

Financial Performance and Profitability:

PB Fintech reported its first-ever profit during the December quarter, with a profit after tax of INR 37 Cr. The company's profitability was driven by growth in insurance premiums, improved renewals with higher margins, and enhanced contributing margins. The robust financial performance reflects the success of PB Fintech's core online business, including Policybazaar and Paisabazaar.

Strategic Growth Initiatives:

PB Fintech's total operating revenue surged by 43% year-on-year to INR 871 Cr in the reported quarter, underlining the company's growth trajectory. Revenue from the core online business witnessed a significant YoY growth of 39%, accompanied by improved contribution margins. These results highlight PB Fintech's strategic initiatives aimed at driving sustainable growth and market leadership.


Policybazaar's expansion into the reinsurance sector marks a significant milestone in its journey towards enhancing insurance accessibility and risk management in India. With regulatory approval and a robust financial foundation, Policybazaar is well-positioned to drive innovation, efficiency, and inclusivity in the insurance landscape, further solidifying its position as a key player in the industry.