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Post COVID-19 Indian Railways Travel will be different

Thousands of people will be traveling across the country using Indian Railways to reach their destinations .There are a coupl
Thousands of people will be traveling across the country using Indian Railways to reach their destinations .There are a couple of things you must know.

The Government has come up with revised rules and regulations that all the people traveling by Indian Railways must follow post-COVID-19. Though the list is not yet fully finalized, the railway department is working on it.

  • In consideration of the current increasing numbers, there is no surety that train services will be open after 15th April.
  • The opening of the Indian railways would lead to public gatherings at the railway stations, which is a matter of concern.
  • New norms will be implemented strictly, and all the passengers must abide by them at any cost.

Some of the significant changes in the Indian Railways are below:

  1. Passengers must reach the railway station four hours before their departure time. This time will be used in following the safety protocols.
  2. Safety rules like the thermal screening of the passengers will be made to avoid transmission of the virus.
  3. Only passengers with the proper and reserved tickets will be allowed at the railway station. It is to avoid gathering of people.
  4. Platform tickets are most likely to be unavailable to avoid gathering of people near the ticket counter.
  5. You will not be allowed to travel in AC coaches because it is believed that the transmission of virus increases in low temperatures.
  6. Passengers are required to provide Indian railways with their health status, 12 hours before their trains.
  7. No COVID-19 patient will be allowed on the Indian Railways train.
  8. Passengers will be given face masks and hand gloves to protect themselves. The use of these masks and gloves is mandatory on the journey.
  9. Vendors are prohibited from entering the coaches.
  10. Senior citizens are most likely to be blacklisted from traveling as they have higher chances of being infected.
  11. The travelers must follow all social distancing norms.
  12. Doors of the coaches will be kept closed to prevent the entry of any unwanted person.

Indian Railways are taking some serious steps to ensure people’s safety. We must cooperate with the authorities to fight back this virus and get our lives on track.