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Pranam Kisan – Parikshit Sampat Sai’s initiative to improve the lives of farmers

Pariksit Sampat Rai, with an intention to organize this extensively unorganized sector, established his startup - Pranam Kisa
Pariksit Sampat Rai, with an intention to organize this extensively unorganized sector, established his startup – Pranam Kisan.

The Founder

Pranam Kisan Founder - Parikshit Sampat Rai
Pranam Kisan Founder – Parikshit Sampat Sai

Parikshit Sampat Sai, an alumnus of IIM, Lucknow, and National Institute of Agricultural Marketing (NIAM) of Jaipur started Pranam Kisan. His startup aims to provide access to affordable and quality service to farmers as well as consumers in India. It is an initiative to improve the lives of farmers all across India.

Pranam Kisan – What’s it about?

Pranam Kisan – Website Screenshot
Pranam Kisan – Website Screenshot

Pranam Kisan links every individual process of agriculture to a single digital platform to minimize Demand & Supply GAP, provide authentic and refined information to the farmer with financial assistance, and direct access of farms to consumers to build a sustainable agriculture ecosystem.

It is an interplay of online and offline to build an on-ground brick-and-mortar digital Agri assistance platform at farmgate that also has direct market linkage.

Farmer and Consumers are connected directly with each other on this platform. Farmer gets required information at the right time at the farm gate, and the Consumer finds a transparent market linkage to access the best quality Agri products at a reasonable price.

Check out  Pranam Kisan’s Company Page on –

Check out Pranam Kisan’s website here.

The Idea and Inspiration Behind Pranam Kisan!

Parikshit thought about providing access to affordable and quality service to farmers as well as consumers in India. Every individual farmer will be trained and made aware of advanced agricultural practices and a holistic farming approach. He wanted to set up Rural Agri Support Centers, Rural Call Centers, Big Data Analysis, and small-scale Agri processing units that will further create new employment at the village level. Consequently, individual farm revenue will increase; every farm produces yield will rise, and new employment opportunities will be generated for the farming community.

He had thoughts to organize the most unorganized sector, agriculture, to create a sustainable ecosystem for the farming community and all agricultural stakeholders.

The Vision of the company!

Pranam Kisan strives to build a transparent and reasonable platform for all agricultural needs to establish a sustainable agriculture ecosystem.

Challenges on the outset!

When asked about the challenges during his interview with TimesNext, Parikshit said:

“There are many challenges, especially in the agriculture sector because we have to work with the uneducated rural population. They are used to dealing with existing infrastructure where they depend on intermediaries for inputs, financial support, equipment, and market linkage. They have shallow adoption of technology and fear of failure to adopt new farming methods.”

Collaborations and Partnerships of Pranam Kisan!

Parikshit’s journey in the field of agriculture started way too early as he belongs to a village. Hence, he gained a significant amount of experience out of that.

His first project was for an irrigation automation system for Rajasthan govt; the second project was a smart card operated dairy automation system for Haryana govt. These projects gave him massive exposure to technology and new business in the farming sector.

He even joined hands with many progressive and innovative organizations like; Heavenly Farms, Ethical Farmers Producers Company, Hire My Farmer, Agro2O, Impact Sehkar, IIM Lucknow, NIAM, Green Workforce, etc.

First Milestone and current growth status!

Pranam Kisan

The very first milestone which Pranam Kisan achieved was when the company joined hands with few marginal farmers in a rural area in the state of Haryana and connected them directly with consumers. They provided them with complete field assistance for better yield and the best quality production.

As of now, the company has a strong network of 200 farmers for the best quality products and 50 satisfied customers base in Gurugram. Currently, they are developing a digital platform to maintain a transparent demand and supply management system.