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Priyanka & Nikhil’s journey from ordinary to extraordinary with their pick & drop startup

How many times have you wondered & wished to have a delivery service for pick & drop off your items from one place to another while avoiding the hassle of getting stuck yourself in the traffic? My answer, hundreds of thousands of times.

Priyanka, at the age of 23, faced a similar crisis. After meeting the personal frustration of delivering items from her home to her newly married sister’s house every day and ending up doing an unfair job decided to take a shot at solving a real logistic problem, she started Small Bag Delivery after quitting her full-time job with her co-founder Nikhil and a single runner.

The entrepreneurial duo’s startup commencement

Priyanka grew up as a daughter of an IAF Soldier and completed her schooling in an army school. She always considered herself to be an ordinary student, but with her new startup, she was all set to break the shackles that were limiting her self-worth to produce her wings of hope carrying her higher and higher in the sky of life.

Nikhil, the co-founder of Small Bag Delivery and Priyanka’s ex-colleague, has always been an avid learner who graduated from IMS Engineering College. Hailing from a business background, Nikhil ever envisaged having his own business. It was not long before Priyanka approached him with the idea of Small Bag Delivery & they initiated their journey in February 2018.

The Bengaluru-based startup provides a one-tap solution for all the e-tailors and businesses, tech-enabled fulfillment services for same-day intracity delivery, and warehousing using its unique business model benefits to all the stakeholders. It aims to have the biggest same-day intracity delivery service company in India with operations in multiple cities with the least percentage of loss and damages of the products, the best customer support, and strengthen the local ecosystem of delivery in India. Small Bag Delivery provides: Hub pickup-Hub delivery & Doorstep pickup-Doorstep deliver.

Challenges & Future

The entrepreneurial duo faced difficulties in building up a team and scaling the business. Priyanka told TimesNext,

“After coming into this, we found the problem is faced by more than we expected. Demand was more and supply was less, due to less supply customer satisfaction was going down. We needed to automate the things through technology to decrease the headcount and increase the supply with better customer satisfaction.”

Small Bag has collaborated and partnered with major clients like Indicube, IIM Bangalore (NSRCEL), and many more. The company got its first 100 app users within just a week and coined a revenue worth 50,000 in the first two months of beginning its operations.

The company has a 30+ client base and has done over 7,000 orders to date. After successfully operating for 1.5 years, Small Bag Delivery recently raised an investment worth Rs 20 lakhs, which they plan to utilize for improving its technology.

The company visions itself to be the most preferred intracity delivery service valuing the businesses & offering timely, efficient, and comprehensive solutions using innovative technology, thereby enabling consumers to focus on their core business.