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Provisional Certificate – Meaning, Validity and much more!

If you are here on this page while looking for Provisional certificate meaning and every minute detail about it, do not worry
If you are here on this page while looking for Provisional certificate meaning and every minute detail about it, do not worry anymore. We are here!

If you are here on this page while looking for Provisional certificate meaning and other minute detail about it, do not worry anymore. You are in the perfect place.

Today, we will be uncovering every small detail about the Provisional Certificate.


  1. Provisional Certificate
  2. What is a Provisional Degree?
  3. How is a Provisional certificate different from Degree Certificate?
  4. Format of a Provisional Certificate
  5. Application of a Provisional Certificate
  6. Validity

Provisional Certificate

A Provisional Certificate is a record. Students who have recently left college or school get this certificate.

This provisional certificate or temporary degree is a quick archive which helps in identifying or work as a proof of the holder about his/her capabilities.

Though it is temporary, it surely gives you security and proof. Thus, if you wish to get a job after completing your studies, this certificate will be helpful. It will help you prove your uniqueness to the companies.

You need to transfer to a new school or college, and they ask you for your records. In such a situation, presenting a provisional certificate will help you.

Some features of a Provisional Certificate:

  1. They are temporary.
  2. Producing/presenting this certificate means that you are graduated.
  3. This certificate adds value to your skills.

What is a Provisional Degree?

A provisional degree is just another name for a provisional certificate.

In case you are aiming for higher examinations or looking for work, a Provisional certificate is vital.

After verifying the records, you have fair chances of admission. The staff division will then ask for your other documents to verify the provisional certificate. This is done to guarantee that you meet the rules required for admission.

But, usually, it can happen that you do not have your last degree with you. Thus in such a situation, college or school gives you a temporary document. This will allow you to approach other good schools and colleges.

Besides, it also helps in the historical verification of a student.

How is a Provisional certificate different from Degree Certificate?

In India, a provisional certificate means that you were a student who has completed his graduation/studies.

And for this purpose, a temporary certificate is given. This temporary degree is called a provisional certificate.

It allows the students who finish the University or Board exams to try their hand in other places (either jobs or further studies). However, a Provisional Degree Certificate is not related to any testament.

Thus in simple words,

Till you get your main degree, you can use this certificate to open up your doors. On the whole, you can take up new opportunities.

These doors or chances can either be a job or higher study.

Like the University of Allahabad, the University of Delhi, or Hyderabad college, many colleges give provisionals degrees to their students.

Format of a Provisional Certificate

A student needs a provisional certificate to make sure that he gets further in life. It helps the school in tracking your history record. It is just like other essential certificates, such as EWS Certificate.

Adding to that, the companies always look for a temporary declaration if you do not have your last degree.

This gives them confirmation that you are qualified enough to work for them.

It ensures that you have finished your studies and are not making false claims. While the degree is temporary, most of the companies accept provisionals as your record (0that is in place of your last degree).

However, f you want the companies/schools to get satisfied with the records, you have to take a look at how your degree is. Below is a list of things (must to do things) that you can check to make sure you earn the trust of companies.

Your certificate should fulfill the following criteria.

  1. It covers the details of your degree.
  2. It must have your university name.
  3. Adress the dean
  4. It should have a proper format

Application of a Provisional Certificate

If you are looking/searching for an approach to make an application for a provisional certificate, then we will help you. If you want to apply for this certificate, you have come to the right place.

However, there are many things that you need to keep in mind while applying for a certificate.

This certificate ensures the end of the degree before you get the main degree.

It is consequently short and different from the expense of your main degree. There is no charge for it. It is for FREE.

It is necessary to make sure that your degree helps you in getting new chances. No matter if it is temporary. But it is still important

  1. Address your principal in the application
  2. Fill in name, course, and the full details
  3. Request for quick issue
  4. Do proper formatting


This certificate is temporary proof by your college/school that keeps your records. It is applicable until you get your main degree.

Delhi High Court set this certificate. You might not know what happened, but here is it.

Delhi University did not allow a student to get admission based on a temporary degree.

Moreover, the Justice also went on to add that denial of evidence grounds.

For example, the record was not feasible as the student earlier had a strong degree by Garhwal University.

And that is why we do not have an expiry date on this certificate.

I hope you are now clear what is a provisional certificate and why you need it.