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How Pushkar Kale and team are working in the direction of Industrial Revolution 4.0 with their startup – Trixware Technologies

Trixware Technologies is working in the direction of Industrial Revolution 4.0. Let's uncover the story of Pushkar Kale and t
Trixware Technologies is working in the direction of Industrial Revolution 4.0. Let’s uncover the story of Pushkar Kale and the team behind the startup.

If you are running a business or you are operating a factory, then the biggest problem that you might be facing is the management of the company and everyone who is a part of the operation.

It is essential to manage and understand your business and everything around it because that will help you in working on the flaws and getting the best output from the people you work with. The biggest problem faced by any retail establishment or a factory is that there is a lack of visibility of the shop-floor area for that particular company.

Appointing managers to work on the floor is helpful, but for a small project and more significant project will need more supervision, which at times is not financially feasible. This is the time when digital technology and softwares come in handy to ease up the processes. And one person who understood this problem is Pushkar Kale, and he helped the industry with the help of his startup – Trixware Technologies.

The beginning of an innovation

Born and brought up in Nashik, Pushkar’s field of expertise is mechanical engineering, and he has been working in the field of software development from the past 15 years. He has been a part of many Fortune 500 companies, and then he decided to work independently.

Currently, Pushkar is associated with many startups as their consultant and working with many Fortune 500 companies as an independent agile coach. Along with this, he is also the ambassador for The Startup Co. Using The Lean Startup to get an idea of some tools and techniques, they were able to find out a way to help with the problem of the visibility of the shop-floor area.

Trixware Technologies - Founding Members
Trixware Technologies – Founding Members

Trixware Technologies is working in the direction of Industrial Revolution 4.0, and they work on software that would help in increasing the shop-floors of the manufacturing units by providing real-time and accurate data and based on this, the stakeholders can make decisions. The data is collected with the help of IoT sensors that are installed in the machines on the shop-floor area, and based on this data, the software gives various reports, alerts, dashboards, charts, graphs, etc. and carry out data analytics through hand-held devices.

Challenges faced in the beginning

The major problem faced by them was to get the right solution that was needed in the industry as they would often love their idea, but sometimes it was not what the market required. So this is when they decided to interact with users to understand their needs and areas where they face difficulties. Then they prepared excel sheets to stimulate the formulae and to show what they were developing. This was the main idea that worked for them, and according to this, they kept changing their hypotheses and assumptions.

Collaborations for the startup

Trixware Technologies - Team at a Customer Location
Trixware Technologies – Team at a Customer Location

In conversation with TimesNext, Pushkar tells us that he has two more partners in the business with him, Pushkar Pathak and Kedar Rao. Before starting an actual partnership, they decided to work together to see if they all were of the same age for the project, and for this, they worked collectively. The development of the product “Prod-Ezy” also started without any formal association between them, and that’s when they decided to register their firm.

They figured out that together they understand each other’s skills and complement each other when working together, and they decided to define some boundaries in the work area. Pushkar Pathak takes care of the accounts, and finances whereas Kedar Rao looks after the sales and marketing part, and Pushkar Kale looks after the complete execution of the plan.

The first milestone and current growth

The first milestone, according to him, was when their company got seed funding and proved that their product has potential in the market and that it is the need of the hour as well as the future of the industry.

They have the perfect product ready with them, which has increased their customer base, and it has helped them in growing. For now, they are supporting customers from several industries like sheet metal press industry, rubber molding industry, plastic molding industry, assembly lines, etc. The company is also planning to expand its reach as they set up their second office in Pune to capture the industrial area of that region.

Vision for Trixware Technologies

Trixware Technologies - Team
Trixware Technologies – Team

Being a tech startup, they want to play a significant role in the Digital Transformation of the Manufacturing Industry and make Smart and Connected Factories and Factories of Future. The Make in India initiative by the Government of India aims to increase the share of the manufacturing sector to gross domestic product (GDP) to 25% by 2022 and create 100 million jobs by 2022.