Skip to content plans to combine domain names and blockchain infrastructure; A $1000 billion industry is aiming to become a rising pioneer in the establishment of a totaled and all-in-one marketplace for decentralized blockchain transactions of all kinds. From Metaverse avatars to NFTs, you can name it and has it all. It is providing a necessary push in the direction of decentralization. Essentially, Quik is providing a taste for a digital world where there’s value for the assets you own and hold. Quik is developing a central position when it comes to raising a platform for easy and decentralized transactions on the ethereum blockchain and the way it’s proceeding, they are out here to set a benchmark.

A tap into the trillion-dollar domain name industry: courtesy of

Domain names have acted as the basis of websites on the internet ever since the internet came into form. They are the first-ever digital assets ever to be created, owned, and sold in the context of the internet.

Also since they cannot be replicated and used again, they can be unironically termed as Non-Fungible. Recent times have shown us heavily inflated trades and auction bids for rare and short domain names. These are largely regulated and registered which filters out the element of security, privacy, individual ownership, and to a very large extent, decentralization.

Domain names that are precise and short, are highly sought after and are often sold in the millions. Recent examples are which sold for over 345 million dollars, and which sold for 30 million dollars in an auction.

This has been the case till the recent decade. The new era has heavily hyped the decentralization of digital assets and has made people acquire a taste for individual ownership and a shell of security and privacy that blockchain and its related activities provide.

To buy a domain name on most conventional websites, you will have to go through the lethargic experience of a lengthy transaction, the safety of which isn’t quite guaranteed either.

Here is where Quik elevates you to a high ground of advantage. Since the transactions on are in ETH, you will experience true speed, efficiency, validation, security and privacy with each transaction. Even though sells a large variety of conventional domain names, it does boast of a vast market loaded with Metaverse tokens, assets, NFTs, and even blockchain domain names. Which makes Quik an all-in-one platform for digital assets. In addition to that, all transactions take place on the ethereum blockchain which adds a high sense of security, safety, and efficiency to any transaction taking place on the platform.’s part in pushing the domain market on the blockchain infrastructure

By pushing the domain name industry on a blockchain-based P2P and validated platform, plans to play a huge part in the direction of taking the domain name industry to the trillion-dollar mark. By creating a pathway for domain names to become blockchain assets that can be individually owned, listed, and sold on its platform, is ushering in a new era of the web itself. A Web 3.0 where decentralization is the new norm and individual ownership and claim become the new deal.

Decentralization of the web in its entirety will close doors to many one-sided policies, secret terms, and fraud in costs that have hung around ever since the internet was created. In all of this, plans to make a trusted platform where anyone can buy, list, and sell their digital assets with the security and complacency of blockchain transactions. Be it Metaverse assets, NFTs, domain names that are blockchain-backed or otherwise, will be a prime marketplace for all of them.


With the domain name industry booming forward every single day and the benefits of blockchain and decentralization becoming extensively common knowledge, will be a benchmark-setting pioneer as the biggest all-in-one platform for the listing and sale of domain names in general as well as NFTs and Metaverse tokens and assets in the coming future.