While this idea was once thought of as science fiction, it is slowly becoming the future of humanity as technology advances. The metaverse will connect multiple platforms, much like the internet, and contain online sources that can all be accessed from a single browser but with a twisted concept of an online 3D virtual space.

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Shreya Kumari

Metaverse in Medicine

Since its inception, Metaverse has been such a buzzword. From gaming to films, everyone is stepping forward in the Meta race. So, why should the most important – field of medicine be left behind? Medicine and Healthcare have often been an unexplored lot. It was only in the covid era that...

Shreya Kumari

Metaverse – How big a deal is it?

If you were someone like me tired of dressing up every time we would get on a Zoom call. Then cheers! We have got a solution. How about showing up at the meeting as an all-decked-up “Avatar” while we are chilling on a bed? Looks like a one-stop solution! What...

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