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How Rabia Kader’s Bombay Street Style is changing the way people perceive fashion!

Rabia Kader's Bombay Street Style
Rabia Kader – Bombay Street Style

We are in the 21st century, and in this age, the fashion industry dominates the entire world. No matter what is your age, all you want is to be classy, sassy, and stylish.

Fashion influence not only people’s dressing sense but also trends in homeware design, makeup, and overall attitudes of people. Not to mention, fashion trends vary from different countries and regions.

Rabia Kader - Bombay Street Style
Rabia Kader – Bombay Street Style

Hailing from Pakistan, Rabia Kader thought the same way when she shifted to India. She felt that the fashion focus in India is primarily on celebs. But Rabia wanted ordinary citizens to dominate the fashion world. Subsequently, she started her online fashion blog Bombay Street Style.

Bombay Street Style – Where Style Meets the Stylish

Bombay Street Style

Bombay Street Style is an online fashion blog that gives you access to the latest fashion trends. It intends to simplify styles & trends and share them with the local citizens.

Devanshi Singh (TimesNext) – “And believe me, guys, their page is just beyond perfection. When I checked it out, I was blown. So many fresh ideas for daily lives in one place. If you also want to peep into their fashion world, feel free to visit Bombay Street Style’s Instagram Page-”

Bombay Street Style Founder - Rabia Kader

When we asked Rabia about the inspiration behind this fashion blog, she said-

“When I moved to India in 2012, I saw stark differences in the way people dressed in both countries. India much ahead of Pakistan today as its sheer size of economy lagged far behind in fashion. The talent was ubiquitous, but people weren’t taking advantage of it. Fashion was considered frivolous. I aspired to change the way people perceived fashion and shift the limelight away from Bollywood onto regular citizens. I wanted to highlight the fashionable Indian populous and started a street style page, and eventually turned the camera towards myself.”

She further added that the objective of her fashion blog is to help people for real. She aims to make fashion relatable and achievable. For this reason, she even interviews stylists and fashion icons of India.

Check out the website for Bombay Street Style here.

Obstacles and Collaborations!

Bombay Street Style

Not to mention, Rabia was not born in India. For this reason, it was difficult for her to get a bigger and better hold of the Indian market. As a matter of fact, Mumbai is a place where your connections can help you way too much. So the only problem, Rabia faced was of links. She lacked connections, and thus it was sometimes challenging to land ideas.

Rabia Kader (Right) with Roshna Chopra (Left) during a collaboration meet
Rabia Kader (Right) with Roshna Chopra (Left) during a collaboration meeting

On talking about her collaborations and experience with them, Rabia said-

“Yes, my experience was always good. People who I have worked with have been warm and welcoming! It’s amazing to work with like-minded people or those who are so accomplished in their fields.”

Rabia’s Vision for Bombay Street Style!

Bombay Street Style

All Rabia wants is that Bombay Street Styles becomes the one-stop for all your fashion needs. Precisely, she wants a ‘digital vogue.’ Though it is a distant dream, she feels that online is the way forward for all this.

In her final statement, she said-

“I want people to change the relationship they have with clothes. Because clothes can make you feel a certain way about yourselves – good and bad!”