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Is RCM Business Profitable?

RCM Business is essentially a producer of various products and sells them through an elaborate Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM) strategy.

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The Direct Selling Marketing route is becoming more popular these days. This strategy removes the involvement of intermediaries and directly markets the products to end users. RCM Business is one such direct seller.

RCM Business is essentially a producer of various products and sells them through an elaborate Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM) strategy.

What is RCM Business?

RCM Business was established by Fashion Suitings Pvt. Ltd., located in Bhilwara, Rajasthan. RCM is an abbreviation for Right Concept Marketing. This company is part of the well-known Chhabra Group, which has been active in the textile industry since 1977.

The company began its production in 1986. It is currently ranked among the top five suiting manufacturers in India. As we stated earlier, RCM is involved in MLM ideas, and its products include fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), stationery, computers, electrical goods, apparel, footwear, and plastic wares.

Essentials for a successful Direct Marketing Venture

A strong marketing strategy will always ensure that more clients come to your company and that new prospects will come knocking at your door as soon as they are discovered. To sell to more people, you must ensure that your products and services are high quality.

The direct selling industry has developed significantly throughout recent history. A significant number of individuals are currently following it.

Because of this, direct sales have become an even more challenging endeavor. You need to put in a significant amount of time and effort into research and plan to take your business one step ahead of the competition and reach every possible customer.

A solid marketing plan will also assist the distributor in understanding the actions that need to be taken to increase the number of customers and the steps that must be taken to improve the quality of the customer list already in place.

How to Start with RCM Business Plan

Beginning a direct sales business is simple, but maintaining it can be challenging. Many people have given it a shot, but they have been unsuccessful in their efforts to manage a company successfully.

Therefore, to have a positive attitude regarding the overall business setup, it is essential to have a good multi-level marketing business strategy.

To start, go to the official website of RCM Business, which can be found at (1). If you prefer another method, you can go to the play store, search for RCM Business official app (2), download the app, and install it on your Android phone.

After doing this, select the Direct Seller option on the left-hand side of the page. After you have done this, several alternatives will be shown to you. Select E-KYC Application with New Direct Seller from the drop-down menu.

After selecting the E KYC Application for New Direct Seller option from the drop-down menu, a registration form will appear before you to fill it out.

At this point, you will need to provide your information in the form and then submit it online. The RCM business login will be shared with you on your registered mail. The RCM Business ID and Password are sent separately upon successful purchase and enrollment in their affiliate program.

RCM Business Plan

The minimum purchase you must make to become an RCM business affiliate is Rs. 1000. There are three ways to make money from RCM Business Plan.

Retail profile

Retail Profit is the most basic earning plan offered by the RBM Business Plan. At RCM pick-up stations, you can purchase the goods for a discount of up to 10% to 20% on MRP and then resell it to other customers at the MRP price. This type of Profit is referred to as Retail Profit.

Performance Bonus

Performance Bonus is determined by your performance as an individual and the amount of business your leg of affiliates make. A Business value score (BV score) is something you receive on every purchase you make from RCM.

Your BV points and the points earned by your group at the end of each month are added together, and your commission, which may be as high as 32% of the performance incentive, is determined by your BV points.

Additionally, you are obligated to divide this commission among your group members. So, you are the head of all the people you have referred to RCM business under yours.

Technical Bonus

The amount of your business can determine whether or not you receive a technical bonus of up to 5%. Only Direct Sellers who made a minimum purchase of RCM products equal to or greater than $1,500 on an accrual basis during the applicable month as part of the RCM Business Plan are eligible to receive the Technical Bonus.

In addition to this, for the past three months running, he must have successfully earned a royalty revenue of up to 8% of the total amount.

After deducting the entire downline technical bonus from the total technical bonus, the difference is how the technical bonus is distributed.

RCM Business Products

There are many products in several categories that RCM Business markets. A Few of these is listed below.

Men's Clothing, Women's Clothing, Kid's clothes, footwear, personal care items, healthcare items, home, and kitchen appliances and utensils, several foods and grocery items, household items, agricultural products, paintings and structural works, bedsheets, and towels are some of the products that can be purchased and resold.

RCM Business Distributor List

RCM business distributors are located in pan India. They have their RCM Wonder World, a mall where you can pick up your items. There are several RCM Wonderworld quick centers also. RCM PUC, RCM Key Soul Outlets, RCM Bazaar, and RCM Depots can be found on their official website (3).

We want to stress that we are associated with the RCM Business in any way, and this article is just informative.


RCM Business has been in the MLM business for quite some time now. If you want to join their network, you can visit their website and enroll yourself. However, you must consider the various details of their scheme (which is a bit complex, frankly).

If you are comfortable with a 10-20% profit on MRP, you think you are a marketing wizard who can market their brand of products, and you desperately want to enter into an MLM scheme, RCM Business can be an option.