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World Entrepreneur Day 2020
World Entrepreneur Day 2020

We are currently on edge with many things happening in 2020, including the COVID-19 pandemic, and India-China border dispute. We see a growth fall to the lowest level as the global economic activity, is on a standstill. However, we have not lost our hopes yet. Here are some of our key insights and a big dream for the upcoming year. We hope it also inspires you for better business on the World Entrepreneur Day 2020.

On this World Entrepreneur Day, here are some resolutions you could make for better business

1. Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

On this World Entrepreneur Day, let’s go back to nature and reduce our carbon footprint. According to various studies from all around the globe, experts believe that there are several benefits of going green with your business. It includes our customer appeal, brand positioning as well the bottom line of our company. Let’s leave no stone unturned to leave a greener and healthier world for the next generation on World Entrepreneur Day 2020.

2. Evolve and Innovate

Businesses need to evolve and continuously innovate to venture into untapped sectors. You must realize that innovation is mainly empowered through commonsense, while technology is merely a tool. It is time we learn new things and develop fresh products through constant innovation. Take a resolution to make further changes in your business on this World Entrepreneur Day 2020.

3. Care For Your Customers

There is a popular notion that says, “Customer is Kind.” Some entrepreneurs would only tend to their customer’s needs out of fear. However, we believe that if we treat our clients as someone we care for, it will lead to a much better outcome for them and our business. Once we start to care for our customers, connecting with them becomes a lot easier while also forging trustworthy bonds over a more extended period.

4. Care For Your Employees

While we take care of our customers, we shouldn’t forget about our employees. More companies should take several measures to provide a safe and healthy environment for their staff. Entrepreneurs require to take more proactive steps since the World Health Organization (1) officially recognized ‘burn out’ as a medical condition. In this World Entrepreneur Day 2020, let’s take a resolution to build vibrant and positive work cultures to support well-being, satisfaction, and ownership at work for our employees.

5. Accept Your Failures

We know that if we get failure in our business, there would be an immense loss both in terms of finance and self-confidence. Many entrepreneurs don’t take any risks or work on innovation because they start fearing failures. We believe that failures are useful if we learn something from them. Hence, make sure you face your fears and accept your failures on this World Entrepreneur Day 2020.

6. Invest in Your employees

Many entrepreneurs are achieving new heights through constant learning and educating themselves and their employees. Make your employees more productive by hosting various events like lunch-n-learn, hiring a guest speaker, funding an online class or course for them, etc. These activities would inspire your team to be more productive while also cultivating a positive culture for growth. It would benefit you while you could also show your appreciation and respect to your employees by investing in them. Take a step forward in World Entrepreneur Day 2020, and make sure you spend more on your employees.

7. Keep a Close Eye on Competitors

If you are not keeping a close eye on your competitors, then World Entrepreneur Day 2020 is an excellent day to start. Make sure you follow them on all of their social media sites, including their newsletters and blogs. You could also set a Google alert to get immediate notification if they make any big announcements or headlines. Like the old saying, you can’t compete if you stay in the dark; hence make sure to keep tabs on your competitors or anyone who would steal your market share.

8. Believe in Yourself

Make it as your absolute resolution on this World Entrepreneur Day 2020. As per our belief, if you genuinely want to achieve something, the whole universe would work to make sure you get it. When you believe in yourself, you get the strength to survive the hardest situations and millions of challenges in your life and business.

These are our day-to-day resolutions. Let us know your thoughts on the same.